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Haraju-Cute Box Two - All about Big Alluring eyes

The theme for the 2nd Haraju-cute bloggers' box is All about big alluring eyes. A box containing 2 brands Bonavoce and Automatic Beauty (AB) that will made your eyes bigger and alluring.

The 3 products in Haraju-Cute Box Two.
Bonavoce Ultra long mascara, AB double eye rubber (double eyelid's glue) and AB Mezical Fiber Version 1.00.

Automatic Beauty(AB)
Japan's leading double eyelid products. Founded in Japan, the parent company of AB, Blue and Pink Ltd always aims to bring out the beauty in all girls. Their products have always been popular in Japan and have received many unoressuve reviews. Consumers identify Blue and Pink Ltd with simple to use beauty products that enable them to meet their beauty needs easily.

Due to its roaring popularity in Japan, AB moves rapidly into Taiwan - the next Asia beauty giant. Endorsed by the Taiwan makeup guru, Kevin, the brand continues to flourish. NOW AB is available in Singapore.

Automatic Beauty (AB) Double Eye Rubber
[Double eyelid's glue]
Price : SD$17.90

  • Step 1 - Have a clean lids (free from oil or powder)
  • Step 2 - Find the height you want your fold (double eyelid's fold) to be..
  • Step 3 - apply the glue on the lid (like drawer a curve line across... (apply abit of the glue on the wand/applicator that come with it)
  • Step 4 - open eye and push the lid into the crease using the wand/applicator

My double eyelid fold too deep and wide.. so this glue doesn't really work on me..
but I still do alittle demo.. kekeke ..

Apply glue on my clean and dry lid.. slightly above my "double eyelid crease line" hopefully to create a wide double eyelid fold...  open my eye and use the wand/applicator to push back the skin to create the fold... it does look abit wider after the inital "fixing" but when I blink again.. the fold shift back to my original position. (My double lid's fold too deep la... so the glue feel abit weak on me)

This is most suitable for those who have inner double lids (those hidden type), hooded lids and single eyelids to create a wider and bigger eyes.


Automatic Beauty (AB) Mezical Fiber
Price :: SD$19.90(30pcs), SD$27.90 (60pcs) and SD$45.90 (120pcs)

  • Step 1 - Apply on clean and dry eyelid...
  • Step 2 - find the height your wanna create on the lid
  • Step 3 - Pull open one (or two layer up if you want a "thicker/stronger fold") mezical fiber and stick on the lid...
  • Step 4 - cut away the excess (be carefull not to cut off your lashes or your skin)

I find that the mezical fiber has a more stronger hold/grip as compare to the glue (but glue look more natural on the skin)... I use this to correct the fold back to the original position when my double lid fold cut into my inner eye's corner (I have parallel double eyelids.. so when one cut into the inner corner.. it will made my eye look unbalance - very the obvious!!!)


Bonavoce is the official brand of mascaras and eyeliners produced by Saeko Dokyu an active model in Japan's fashion industry, TV personality and actress in Japan.

The origin of the name Bonavoce is a term coined by a combination of French and Italian meaning "Beautiful time". It's about spending beautiful, quality time, whether it's with your loved ones, with friends or living life.

Being familiar with cosmetics, Saeko knows what she wants in her mascaras and eyeliners and has poured her heart into producing this range. Saeko dreams for Bonavoce to become a brand that will be loved by many people.

Released recently on 15th April 2012(in Singapore), the range includes two types of mascaras as well as two colors of liquid liners.

Note:: Received the Volume mascara at the blogger event and the liquid liner (own purchase)... 
Becos they are under the same brand... so going to talk about it in this entry together (^_^)

Bonavoce Premium Liquid Eyeliner in Jet Black
Price : SD$19.90

Close up on the label...
[Click to enlarge]

Ingredients list...


  • This liner is very intense,  love how dark and glossy it look..
  • stay on lids without fading after afew hours.
  • No smudging
  • Dry quite fast
  • brush tip feel firm and soft on the lid
  • Easy to draw
  • Easy to remove with warm water

Bonavoce Ultra long mascara
Price : SD$25.90

Ingredients list...
[Click to enlarge]

  • The mascara doesn't feel too heavy on the lashes.. but after afew hours the lashes will start to feel abit droppy
(holding powder not that strong)
  • It does lengthen and darken the lashes well
(I curve my lashes before applying the mascara)
  • The mascara have a glossy black finishing (not as intense as the volume one.)
  • doesn't smugde
(Weird fact:: When I pair this mascara with their volume mascara, it smudges on me! Hmmm...)
  • Easy to remove with cleansing oil or point makeup remover
(The volume one come off easily with warm water and this lengthening one doesn't)

Before/After applying ultra long mascara....

Bonavoce Ultra Volumn mascara
Price : SD$25.90

Ingredients list...
[Click to enlarge]

  • I enjoy using this mascara... spread out my lashes nicely
  • Give good volume
  • Intense glossy black finishing
  • doesnt feel too drying on the lashes
  • easy to remove with warm water
  • Doesn't smudge (but when pair with the lengthening mascara.. it smudges abit...)

All Haraju-cute products are available at Guardian Singapore.

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