Monday, December 31, 2012

Gamila Secret Original (Review)

I first heard about Gamila Secret was thru the PR who contacted me... after hearing the story and belif of Gamila, I can't wait to try out the cleansing bar.

The Original Cleansing bar is suitable for the most sensitive skin types, even those that are allergic to essential oils. Ideal for the most sensitive skin types and for babies from 0 to 6 months.

Gently cleanse the most sensitive skin.
Hydrates, strengthens and protects the skin.
Beneficial effects:
Cleanses, soothes, restores & prevents irritations.

The Cleansing bar can be use on face, body, feet and even on intimate area.
Beside being a cleanser, body soap... the cleansing bar can be use as a shaving cream and facial mask.

To be use as mask.. apply the foam onto dry skin.... and leave it on for a few mins before rinising off.

Contain 100% natural ingredients with 15 herbs - the cleansing bar is mild enough for sensitive skin and babies.

This cleansing bar contain 80% olive oil and can be use as a mild makeup remover (for base makeup).

Ingredients list...

After using it for a month ... 
2 week on body as body soap
5 weeks on face as cleanser/mild makeup remover

If I just wet my palm and rub the soap ... it won't produce as much foam, it got this slimey greasy feel that work well as a mask on the face.

Add more water to get more creamy foam (as shown below)

Here's my thought on this Original Cleansing bar (After using it for about a month)

As a mild makeup remover::
I massage the foam onto dry skin (skin with foundation/makeup) ... can see the foam become abit beigey and it rinse of the makeup cleanly.... even eyeshadow!

As for mascara, I was using those Japanese mascara (that can be remove with warm water).. I tried to avoid removing mascara/eyemakeup with this cleansing bar... cos I don't like the "pain" when the foam gets into the eye!!!

This is a decent base makeup remover - suitable for someone (like my sisters) who only apply base(foundation and press powder) products.


As a Cleanser::
  • Cleanse well
Got the squeaky clean feel after rinising off the foam
  • Skin doesn't feel too tight after rinising off the foam
  • Feel quite hydrating
  • Doesn't cause any skin irritation
  • Doesn't cause any break-out
  • Skin feel smooth and soft
  • It smell like a herbal soap


As a body soap ::
  • It cleanse really well
  • Skin doesn't feel too drying
  • Does help to ease eczema itch and skin irritation

I was suffering from eczema outbreak last month, so I start using this as body soap... it keep my skin hydrated and ease skin irritation from all the scatching!


As dog's "shampoo"

I've tried using the cleansing bar on my dogs.... twice and both time, it work quite well on them. ^_^

I lather the soap up in a small pail of water (so no retouching the soap after I touch my dogs) and use the soapy foamy water to bath my dogs.

The natual ingredients used in the cleansing bar make it safe for dogs(pets)
With 80% of olive oil... it make their coat feel soft and smooth.
I see less skin irritation on my buibui (she has a habit of scatching)
(Not much of a review - just sharing my thought ^_~)


Original Cleansing Bar
Price : SD$46

Gamila Secret is available in Singapore at
Metro Paragon
Robinsons Marina Bay Sands
Robinsons Raffles City
Robinsons The Centrepoint

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