Sunday, December 16, 2012

BRTC Stem Cell Masks

[Product introduction]

Sometimes back (September/October 2012), Sasa Singapore launched one of the popular Korea Cosmetics Brand BRTC.  Yeah!! I like korean masks, they are so expensive,  give good instant and temporary relif for minor skin irritation.

I will be updating two more BRTC product's introduction (skincare range and BBcreams) posts for the next few days. (If you are intersted, you can drop by Sasa to check them out or wait for my write's up if you are not heading towards shopping areas ^_^)

All BRTC stemcell masks were made of lyocell fibers with 100% natural, biodegradable, and skin-affinitive cellulose.

Morning Glory Stem Cell Mask
Price : SD$25 [per box with 5pc]

Purifying mask infused with revitalizing energy from morning glory callus extract! Morning glory callus extract and botanical extracts boost the skin’s metabolism and revitalize stressed, congested skin for a brighter, healthier complexion.

Rice Stem Cell Mask
Price : SD$25 [per box with 5pc]
Concentrated serum mask nfused with skin-brightening rice callus extract! Rice callus extract and other skin-brightening botanical ingredients eliminate skin dullness and even out skin tone for a more translucent and flawless complexion.

I love any skincare containing "rice" will do a review on this sooon!!!! (My skin is feeling so much better... I can try more "new" masks!! (Wee~)

Ginseng Stem Cell Mask
Price : SD25 [per box with 5pc]

Infused with powerful regenerative energy and nutrients of ginseng stem cells! Ginseng stem cells, collagens, and other nutrients nurture and improve mature, damaged skin for a healthier and more luminous complexion.

Zinnia Stem Cell Mask
Price : SD$25 [per box with 5pc]

Oil-controlling and anti-blemish mask infused with anti-inflammatory and skin regenerative energy from zinnia callus extract@Zinnia callus extract and botanical ingredients quickly relieve irritating and sensitive skin while controlling excessive sebum for a purer, clearer complexion.

Edelweiss Stem Cell Mask
Price : SD$25 per box with 5pc

Concentrated serum mask infused with abundant moisture from edelweiss callus extract! Edelweiss callus extract and other botanical moisturizing extracts replenish lost moisture of dry, rough skin while imparting their vital energy for a softer and more vibrant complexion.


Green Tea Stem Stem Cell Mask
Price : SD$25 [per box with 5pc]

Immediate soothing mask infused with cooling and soothing energy in green tea callus extract! Green tea callus extract and other botanical soothing extracts quickly soothe sensitive, reddish skin while showering with cooling moisture for a healthier, purer complexion.

All the masks sound so nice and soothing... I can't wait to try them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My first try would be the "Rice" mask ^__^

Available at Sasa Singapore
Price : SD$25 [per box]

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