Friday, December 28, 2012

Benefit Lip and Cheek Kits

[Product introduction]

Benefit Lip & Cheek kits give us everything we need to kick some class with a gorgeous glow and pop of color. A kit that contain Benefit most iconic products, the cheek color, tints and lip gloss. Smaller in size and smaller in the "price tag"

Each kit includes an iconic tint, cheek color, lip gloss and highlighter.
This kit let you try out 4 of the popular products with a reasonable price of SD$45

The kit feature here is sugarlicious

This set includes..
  • benetint
  • high beam
  • sugarbomb
  • Ultra plush in sugarbomb


Beside Sugarlicious, there 2 different Benefit Lip and Cheek Kits...

Go Tropicoral

Feelin' Dandy



Available at all Benefit beauty counters
Price : SD$45 each kit


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