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Watsons Singapore Beauty Day Out Party

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Back in September(I know... I'm so late!!), attended the first ever Watsons Beauty day out party. A party showcasing a wide array of skincare, cosmetics, haircare and oral supplement brands available in Watsons.

Voted Singapore's number one favourite health and beauty retailer through a survey conducted by leading market research firm Nielsen, Watsons has garnered a strong loyal following and positioned itself as the go-to store for the latest trends in health and beauty products.

A brand authority on beauty in Singapore, Watsons carries a cosmopolitan mix of exclusive brands from various categories: cosmetics, masstige skincare, derma, hair care and oral health supplements.

"Watsons is the shaper of the beauty movement, innovating new concepts and bringing a variety of international brands closer to home to improve the shopping experience of its customers. Staying true to its brand values, the store offers a plethora of beauty and healthcare products that are of high-quility and are affordable as well" By Ms Cathy Yeap (Managing Director of Watsons Personal Care Stores)

Keeping up with the market trends and to create a fun and exciting retail environment, Watsons has also moved from retailing brands to introducing refreshing concepts, such as its cosmetic concept corners which features makeup looks from around the world, from Korea(K-beauty) to Japan (Shibuya Gals), Taiwan (Wa Wa) and Europe (My Vanity Box) as well as an Inner Beauty Corner which offers products focused on oral beauty supplements that are beneficial to the skin.

Some of the exclusive brands that Watsons carries ::

  • Clio Professional (K-beauty corner)
Founded in 1993 by group of makeup artists, CLIO has established itself as one of the top make-up brand in Korea. The brand continues to adapt itself towards it consumers' wants and needs. They developing up to 70 products per year.

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Some of the new collections ....

  • Dolly Wink
Created by iconic model and Japanese teen idol, Tsubasa Masuwaka, Dolly Wink is a collection of false eyelashes and eyeliners. Launched in Japan in November 2009, these products help girls to achieve the Gyaru("Adult-cute") look Tsubasa-chan is famous for, a look characterised by blond curly locks and big, briught eyes lined with luscious thick lashes.

3 new limited false lashes...

Masstige Skincare::

  • Bio-Essence Professional
Under parent company L.D Waxson, Bio-Essence Professional is a sub-brand under Bio-Essence- a reowned brand housing many unique products with rapid efficacies such as Face Lifting Cream, which is the No.1 selling facial care product in Singapore since 2004.

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  • L'oreal Youth Code Eye Essence
Loreal Paris, one of the world's top beauty brands, offers products that combine the latest in technology with the highest in quality. Committed to research and innovation, Loreal Paris provides innovative yet affordable luxury beauty products of the four major beauty categories - hair color, cosmetics, hair care and skin care.

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  • Vichy
Vichy focuses on women's beauty requirements and needs to develop a range of skincare products that provides visible efficacy and is safe for use on all type of skin, Combining in-dept skin knowlege, extensive research and innovative technologies, Vichy strives to give women the ability to realize their ideal skin type and obtain the skin they always dream of.

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[The above pic taken at Ngee Ann City Watsons Flagship store]

A mugwort lotion formulated by a group of nurses in Kyoto, Japan in the 1980s, the first-generation ATORREGE was manufactured for sale to the public by Ands Corporation in 1995. Ands Corporation later found that the number of cases of "urban skin disease" such as acne, pigmentation, sensitive skin, eczema and wrinkles were increasingly common and created the second generation of products. ATORREGE AD+ (Atopic Dermatis Advance Formula) in 2007.

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Hair care:

  • Ma Cherie
Ma Cherie or "My Sweetheart" in French, is a line of hair care that aims to provide individuals with lustrous, soft and silky hair. Ideal for women who desire beautiful hair with a lingering romantic fragrance, the brand was first launched in Japan and is now available in Singapore.

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  • Marc Anthony
Created to ensure that customers kept that salon-fresh look wherever they want, Marc Anthony True Professional is a line of solution-based tailored to suit unique hair care and styling needs from curls to straigth to thick.

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New product...
2nd day dry shampoo

  • Kent
Founded in 1777, Kent is reowned for its famous bristle brushes, expert craftsmanship and usage of only the finest materials. Simply put, Kent elevates the humble hairbrush to something to be desired, enjoyed and coveted.

Kent brushes also receive regular raving reviews from leading hair professionals such as celebrity hairstylist Richard Ward, who is currently the British media's "most-wanted" hairdresser. Endorsements from top hair salons in the US and UK bear further testament to Kent's continued innovation over the year.


Oral Health Supplements for Inner Beauty:
  • SkinBiotics
SkinBiotics is a range of anti-aging oral beauty supplements that has been scientifically proven to work from within - enhancing skin regeneration and targeting skin issues from the cellular levels. These oral beauty supplements contain Algaplex, a proprietary marine algae extract of Skinbiotics that has been found to have exceptional anti-aging and cellular regeneration properties, whilst protecting the skin from harmful free radicals and UV exposure.

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[The above pic taken at Ngee Ann City Watsons Flagship store]

  • SlimSpa
Slimspa is dedicated to offering the safest and most effective over the counter slimming and detox products, whilst educating its customers on the proper tools and products for weight management.

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