Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ma Cherie from Shiseido In Watsons

[Products Introduction]

In October 2012, Shiseido introducing Ma Cherie to Singapore, which will be exclusively available at Watsons Singapore.

Ma Cherie or "My Sweetheart" in French, is a line of hair care that aims to provide individuals with lustrous, soft and silky hair. Ideal for women who desire beautiful hair with a lingering romantic fragrance, the brand was first launched in Japan and is now available in Singapore.

Signature Product
Ma Cherie hair products are formulated with its signature Champagne Honey Gelee, a combination of champagne, honey and other ingredients to moisturize and soften hair, whilst protecting against harmful free radicals and environmental aggressions.

Champagne :: Protect against environmental free radicaks and oxidative stress
Honey :: Naturally retains moisture and add shine to hair
Hydroxyethyl urea :: Effective moisturizing ingredient
Inositol :: Vitamin B that softens hair
  • Base note
Musk Sandal wood, Amber and Cedar wood
  • Middle note
Lily bell, magnilia, pinkpionie and lilac
  • Top note
Valencia Orange, Ruby Grape fruit, Mix berry, Pineapple and rose peach

  • Air Feel hair care range
Price :: SD$8.90 to SD$19.90
Emanating a fresh and fruity aroma during bath time, the hair products tame flyaway hair, leaving a musky and sweet floral scent. Its not only adds volume to flat hair but also has a lightweight texture.
  • Moisture hair range
Price :: SD$8.90 to SD$20.50
Protects and treats dry ends for softer, more managrable hair.

This is the travel set of Shampoo and Conditioner
Both moisture and Air Feel are retail at SD$8.90 [50mlx2]

Air feel treatment SD$19.90 (180g)
Moisture treatment SD$19.90 (180g)

Aqua Dew Energy EX
Price : SD$16.90 (120g)
Leave on treatment gel for dry hair - Add gloss and treat dry hair. (Apply on towel dry hair)

Hair Oil
Price : SD$16.90 (60ml)
Leave on oil treatment for damage hair (Apply on towel dry hair)

Perfect Shower Smooth SD$17.90
Leave on treatment for frizzy hair. Refresh hair instantly.

Perfect Shower
Moist SD$17.90
Leave on treatment for unruly hair. Moisturizing hair

Perfect Shower
Wave SD$17.90
Leave on treatment for curly hair. Regain your bouncy curls.

Aqua Energy mist 
Price:: SD$17.90 (200ml)
Leave on mist treatment for Frizzy hair

Hair fragrance
Price : SD$16.90 (100g)
Hair cologne to combat against food and cigarettes smell.

Available exclusively at Watsons from 11th October 2012


Air Feel Shampoo                SD$10.90(200ml) and SD$19.90(500ml)
Air Feel Conditioner            SD$10.90(200ml) and SD$19.90(500 ml)
Moisture Shampoo               SD$11.50(200ml) and SD$20.50(500ml)
Moisture Conditioner           SD$11.50(200ml) and SD$20.50(500 ml)
Treatment                             SD$19.90 (180g)
Aqua Dew Energy EX           
SD$16.90 (120g)
Hair oil                                   SD$16.90 (60ml)
Perfect Shower                     SD$17.90 (250ml)
Hair fragrance                       SD$16.90 (100g)
Aqua Energy Mist                  SD$17.90 (200ml)
Shampoo and conditionset   SD$8.90

Received Ma Cherie (Hair Fragrance and Aqua Dew Energy EX) and SENKA (Perfect Liquid and lotion) at the bloggers' session sometimes back... Reviews will be up once I try it out for a period of time...

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