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Introducing Filorga The Perfect complexion skincare

Filorga, the most cutting-edge French dermo-cosmetic range on the anti-aging market will be available at Sephora from October 2012 onwards. Filorga is a range of products that focus on skin problems associated with aging, wrinkles, firmess and brightness.

FILORGA, 30 Years of aesthetic Medicine
At the end of the 70’s, a French aesthetic doctor, Dr Michel Tordjman, passionate about cellular biology, put a team of specialists together to assist him in launching an advanced research program on cutaneous ageing.

To understand the ageing process and to cure it through a global therapy that includes complementary anti-ageing medical techniques to treat efficiently not only wrinkles, but also the lack of firmness and brightness of the skin. As absolute pioneers in this field, Laboratoires FILORGA, use the results of these works to develop in the early 90’s biological products able to fight in situ the whole ageing process : Anti-ageing mesotherapy (with the famous poly revitalising complex NCTF®), glycolic peels (with GlyKopeel®), and filling injectables (with XHA3®, latest reticulated Hyaluronic Acids).

Renowned by dermatologists, aesthetic doctors and plastic surgeons in over 54 countries, Laboratoires FILORGA are recognized as the experts on cutaneous ageing. In 2006, the new research and production unit acquired the ISO13485 seal of approval that certifies that the organisation complies with the standards governing the manufacture of medical devices. More recently OSEO ANVAR also awarded them the ‘Innovative Business Qualification’.

From innovation to innovation, the brand has, throughout the years,
become one of medical anti-ageing market leader.

In 2007, Laboratoires Filorga invent Medi-Cosmetique®
Originating from the fusion of two worlds - Cosmetics and aesthetic medicine.MEDI-COSMETIQUE® associates for the first time the efficiency of aesthetic medicine techniques to the convenience of cosmetic products. MEDI-COSMETIQUE® thus completes efficiently injections without claiming to substitute them.

In order to create this new generation of products, Laboratoires FILORGA have brought together a multidisciplinary association of experts made up of eminent specialists in cutaneous ageing (aesthetic doctors, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, pharmacists and cosmetologists).

Laboratoires FILORGA’s 30 years of experience in the medical anti-ageing industry have enabled to develop some ultra-efficient formulas, thus creating the first French dermacosmetic line originating from aesthetic medicine.

Laboratoires FILORGA
  • Injection specialists for 30 years. (1,5 million patients treated in 54 countries).
  • One of the world’s leaders in global anti-ageing therapy.
  • Develop, manufacture and distribute anti-wrinkle dermal filling products, mesotherapy injections and medical peelings.

Unique global medical and biological treatment that acts simultaneously on the cause and the consequences of cutaneous ageing.
  • Technique consists of micro intra-dermal injections of poly-revitalising substances

  • 30 years of expertise in the techniques of aesthetical medicine.
  • At the centre of the latest innovations in the micro-cosmetics area.
The only French range of dermo-cosmetic products originating directly from aesthetical medicine.
  • Common characteristic of the range: hyaluronic acid and NCTF®, active ingredients identical to those injected products.
  • Uniquely legitimate, originating from a 100% medical and aesthetical expertise.
An exclusive core formula assisted by a synergy of active anti-ageing ingredients found in some chronospheres:
  • Hyaluronic acid (HA) with high molecular weight.
  • NCTF® a poly-revitalising cocktail containing 53 ingredients: amino acids, vitamins, co-enzymes, minerals and nucleic acids.
Those CHRONOSPHERES, microscopic vectors discovered by the CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research) with progressive release, target the cells to treat, long lasting and accurately adapted to each indication.

The global anti-ageing efficiency of the 53 + 1 ingredients has been proven by a number of studies carried out by a molecular and cellular pharmacology research centre.
  • Stimulation of cellular growth, (+ 147 %)*
  • Anti-radical protection, (+ 90 %)*
  • Collagenic re-densification, (+ 256 %)*
  • Slow down of dermal rigidification, (+ 366 %)*
*series of studies conducted by an independent research laboratory specialised in molecular and cellular pharmacology.

    A complete response to the signs of cell and skin ageing
    Directly based on the lastest medico-asthetic techniques
    Specially formulated to optimise aesthetic medical procedures

Here's their top 4 popular products

Filorga Hydra-Filler

Filorga Sleep and Peel
(Night cream - This is more like a sleeping mask)

Filorga Cleansing Foam

Filorga Meso-Mask
(Anti-wrinkle lightening mask - wash off type)

I will do a reivew on the products once I try them out.

Filorga is available at Sephora

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