Saturday, November 03, 2012

DOT by Marc Jacobs

Couple months ago, I attended the media launch of DOT by Marc Jacobs held at the Red dot design museum Singapore (so suitable for the product right? "DOT")

The Concept
Inspired by his love of polka dots, DOT is a personal signature for Marc Jacobs - A favorite theme he has returned to time and again, beginning with his very first collection.

Round in shape, joyous in spirit, the polka dot is an iconic symbol of charm and elegance - A stylish, offbeat motif that is energetic and full of life.

DOT by Marc Jacobs captures a charming, upbeat spirit with timeless sophistication. DOT is a colorful Marc Jacobs creation that comes full circle with a balance of modernity and elegance. 

The Design
DOT makes her mark with a graphic design statement.

Designed to celebrate Marc Jacobs' beloved iconic patternm the eye-catching bottle is a cheerful composition of round shapes stylish spotted in a polka dot motif.

Happy and upbeat, the oversized butterfly-inspired cap flaunts a chic play of proportions. The collar is wrapped with a cold coil for a touch of luxe.

Elegantly crafted in transparent red-tined glass, the design channels the spirit of Marc Jacobs' trademark look. Round-shaped butterflies of different sizes adorn the bottle. A luminous pearl at the center of the butterfly add a polished detail.

The Polka Dot pattern on the outer carton features a palette of red and black for a perfect balance of modern and classic. The rounded butterfly icon adds a charming touch to the gold embossed DOT Marc Jacobs signture logo.

Bottle designed by:
Sayuri Shiji in Collaboration with Marc Jacobs

The bottle::
When I first saw this bottle... I love it!!!! The red and black look so good together, oh well.. I love red color and butterfly.... so... ^__^ The design is chic, cute and abit chubby... have to be extra careful when pulling out the huge butterfly cap.

The scent::
The first scent I pick was the refreshing sweet orange and follow by a nice floral sweetness (I do pick up Jasmine) and dries down to a more (how should I say) sugary type of sweetness... this is a very sweet fragrance.

I really enjoy sweet fragrance lately... I used to prefer light, refreshing citrus scent. I wonder why my taste changed... lolx

The scent doesn't change much on my skin, it reminds sweet for afew hours - Some days, the sweetness feels abit too much especially on super hot and humid weather.

The scent stay on for about 3-5hrs before it fade off....

Ingredients list....
[Click to enlarge]

Here are some shots I took at the media launch event....

DOT by Marc Jacobs [1.0OZ/30ML]    Price :: SD$98
DOT by Marc Jacobs [1.7OZ/50ML]    Price :: SD$125
DOT by Marc Jacobs [3.4OZ/100ML]  Price :: SD$158
DOT by Marc Jacobs BODY LOTION [5OZ/150ML]   Price :: SD$78

DOT by Marc Jacobs SHOWER [5OZ/150ML]            Price ::  $69

Available from AUGUST 2012 AT :: TANGS VIVOCITY

I'm not affiliated with the company.
Product was provided for consideration