Saturday, November 17, 2012


[Introducing New brand available at Watsons]

Recently, Watsons Singapore introducing a skincare brand from Japan - ATORREGE AD+, Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.

A mugwort lotion formulated by a group of nurses in Kyoto, Japan in the 1980s, the first-generation ATORREGE was manufactured for sale to the public by Ands Corporation in 1995. Ands Corporation later found that the number of cases of "urban skin disease" such as acne, pigmentation, sensitive skin, eczema and wrinkles were increasingly common and created the second generation of products. ATORREGE AD+ (Atopic Dermatis Advance Formula) in 2007.

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Ai Hao (艾叶草)
I used to use the blue one in the pic when I'm young for anti-inflammation (cause by eczema)...
With aihao herbal plant being their main ingredients in all their products.. I personally feel quite excited about this brand! 

Their signature products...

They feel nice when I apply some on the back of my hand.....

Eye cream! I need this!!!! (Will get it once I finished up my "many" tubes/jars of eye products.)

My eczema is acting up... whole body feel so warm and itchy!
Hopefully the shower foam will help to ease the itch!!!!

ATORREGE AD+ will be available at selected Watsons stores.
Price ranging from SD$49.00 to SD$159.00

I'm not affiliated with the company.
Products (shower gel and facial cleansing foam) were provided for consideration.

Information was extracted from press kit.