Sunday, October 14, 2012

Urban Decay The Vice Palette [Swatches]

Check out and got the Urban Decay The Vice Palette, last Saturday at Singapore Sephora ION Pre-Launch.....

I have been wanting to get this ever since I saw it on youtube and blogs!!!! The colors, texture and the packaging are so nice... especially the colors! They were all new colors with new formulation. When I swatched them, it does feel more "solid"(I means the shadows were nicely/tighly pressed down.
If you didn't own any Urban Decay Palette or eyeshadow... this is a good palette to start with, it got almost all the shades you need from base, crease to highlight shades.
Laced would be a good transistion for fair to medium skintone.
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Came with a duo end brush

Close up on the colors...
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[Top - daylighting without flash] [Bottem - Indoor with flash]

Swatches in various lighting
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The top 2 rows colors of the palette.
All the colors texture are frosty except, Jagged(glittery texture) and Chaos (matte texture)

I'm so loving Junkie, Chaos, Penny Lane, Occupy Blitz(Ming would love this.. I tried it on my lids and it sooooooo pretty) and Desperation <3<3<3

Bottom 2 rows of colors
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All are frosty texture except Provocateur (Glittery texture), Anonymous (Matte texture) and Laced (Matte texture)

Noise, Nevermind, Echo Beach and Rapture are so Pretty!!!!!

Price : SD$88Available at Sephora
Limited Period(While stocks last)
Re-launched in November 2012

When I first look at the palette, Noise reminds me of Junkshow from the Urban Decay 15 Year anniversary eyeshadow collection palette... but when I swatched Noise.. I know it feel and look abit different.

Here's the side by side swatches...
Junkshow is more purpish pink where Noise is pow wow HOTPINK...
Junkshow has a satin sheen finishing.

That's all ^_^