Tuesday, October 23, 2012

PUPA AEF Intensive Shaping Abdomen Treatment with Active Oxygen

[New Launch + Product Intro]
Pupa, the Italian leader in Body Specific Areas presents the Intensive Treatment with an Ultra-Focused Formula : Intensive Shaping Abdomen Treatment

  • Special Formula
    To ensure maximum results, giving the most effect answer to a body concern
  • It's about Shape, Not size
    New concept: not only slimming but strong tightening "anti-muffin-top" action.
  • Toned-up Stomach
    Boosts cell metabolism to more compact and firmer skin. Fight the "muffin-top" effect!
  • Slimming + Shaping
    Fat burning, liquids elimination and abdomen slimming to get a more defined waistline
  • Natural Corset Effect
    Skin loos tighter and firmer immediately
  • Reshaping Anti-Adiposity Action
    A complex of high technological peptides with dual treatment; inhinits the accumulation of lipids for a contour reshaping effect while promoting their elimination and help fats burn more quickly.
    The abdomen appears gradually slimmer and more toned.
  • Stimulates Metabolism Against Sagging
    An effective combination of Caffeine and Active Oxygen activates the metabolism of skin tissues with subsequent reduction of fatty mass. It also promotes drainage and removal of lipids for more compact and firmer skin.
    Fight "muffin-top" effect
  • Instant Tightening Effect
    Each application creates a soft elastic firm that imparts smoothening properties: skin is immediately tighter, day after day skin tissues appear as if reshaped.
  • Active Oxygen - Professional Treatment in your own home.
    Oxygen gives the skin a boost of energy, which is fundamental in keeping it beautiful.
Based on the experience of Oxygen Therapy in Beauty Salons, Pupa Laboratories have created an intensive cosmetic treatment that exploits this therapy to its full potential. Oxygen regenerates skin and boosts all its vital functions, giving it a longer-lasting youthful complexion and making it more receptive to the active cosmetic ingredients contained in the treatment.
For all women who wish to effectively fight the loss of skin firmness in particularly after a pregnancy, weight loss or as a natural result of aging.

Belly appears more toned and reshaped, skin is firmer and compact. When the treatment is used continuously, the stomach tends to regain its ideal shape reducing localized fatty deposits. It helps to keep the waistline circumference under control.

Massage on the abdomen with upward movements, using the palm of your hand and changing hands during the massage. For an intensive treatment, apply daily, morning and evening for at least 8 weeks. Then apply pnce a day to maintain the obtained results. Fast- absorbing melting cream.

A white color cream which spread out easily and absorbed into the skin smoothly and nicely without feeling sticky nor oily.

I haven't been hardworking... I used it one day then I forgot about it.. so the result wasn't that obvious!! I should start using it intensively NOW and update again on the results (This entry is NOT a review, just sharing about this product and the information)
Price : SD$89 [250ml]
Available at ::
BHG (Bugis Junction, Century Square, Chua Chu Kang)
John Little (Jurong Point, Marina Square)
Metro Woodlands
Sasa cosmetics
TARA apothecary
Pink Beauty @ Toa Payoh, Westmall, Ang Mo Kio
Leading Perfumeries
I'm not affilated with the company. Product was provided for consideration