Wednesday, October 31, 2012

ISFREN Rx Magic Eye Solution EX [Review]

ISFREN Rx Magic Eye Solution EX For dark circles and Wrinkles - an all in one eye treatment care from Korea.

Non Artificial coloring
Clinically Proven, Dermatologist Tested

HALOXYL an unique ingredient specifically developed for serious dark circles from Sederma in France. "Special eye treatment with peptide,collagen,ceramide,adenosine provides a high moisturizing and lifting, anti- wrinkle effect for soft and smooth eye area.
Ingredients list...

  • Anti-wrinkle, whitening functional certification
  • Relieves the dull dark circles under the eyes and swelling around the eyes formulated with the key ingredient HALOXYL of France's SEDERMA
  • Firm lifting of peptide , intensive moisturizing of Hyaluronic Acid, Trehalose, Ceramide etc.

Squeeze tube packaging -
->> convenient to use or carrying around(for travel)
->> more hygiene (without having to stick something "finger/spatula") inside the cream.

spread out..

Here's my thought on this eyecream after using it for more then 6weeks.
  • The texture of the eyecream feel pretty light weight
  • Gel cream texture
  • look creamy but doesn't feel too oily
  • Easy to spread around the skin
  • Absorb well
  • Doesn't make skin around the eye areas feel oily nor sticky
  • Doesn't cause any skin irritation during the cause of using
  • Moisturizing and keep my eyelids hydrated without feeling dry and tight
  • does brighten up the under eye areas
  • doesn't do much help on fine lines .. but it does help to make them look less dry
  • Skin look supple after applying the eyecream.
For the first few weeks of using this eyecream, it doesn't feel any special. Feel pretty normal for me. I only see result on more hydrated skin and lightening/brighter under eye areas on the 4th week of using this eye cream day and night (twice a day).  It does feel abit soothing.
Work well with the skincares products that I'm using (DHC) and I already tried it out with 2 different eye serums (I didn't use the serums long enough to change the result of this eye cream. (I'm just testing it around 2/3 days to see how the serum feel).

Below are my before and after pics... thought it doesn't look that obvious on the pics... since the results were pretty mild. But the skin does feel good :)

(Taken on Sept 18 2012 - Under strong day light)

But I do notice that my skin look more radiant(right?? Or I'm cheated by the wonderful wonder of sunlight?!?!?!?!

Will be posting up review on the skincares that I've been using for the pass month (soon)!!!

[Taken on 29 Oct 2012 Day lighting- lighting abit strong- explain the different "color balance" on both pics] 

Really really can't tell much different (lolx)

[Oops... I got an eyelash in my eye!!!]

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