Friday, October 05, 2012

COVERMARK The Perfect Foundation Workshop [Moisture Veil LX SPF32 PA+++] + Goodies for YOU

Last week, attended the COVERMARK workshop organized by Cozycot for their Moisture Veil LX SPF 32 PA+++ 2 way cake foundation.

The workshop was rather similar to alot of makeup/skincares' workshop. If you are interested on how the skincares and makeup feels on your skin... workshop is the best place to try them out.
So I'm not going into details of each skincares routine steps and just showing you pics of products and the foundation swatches.
Their skincares feel moist and nice on the skin (back of my hand la... I didn't remove my makeup! Kekekeee).
  • Deep Cleansing oil
Price : SD$40[140ml], SD$65[210ml] and SD$110[420ml]
  • Mineral Wash (which foam up really well)
Price : SD$50 [125g]
  • Cell Advanced Serum
Price : SD$210 [40ml]
  • Cell Advanced Lotion
Price : SD$160 [150ml]

COVERMARK Connecting base SPF38 PA+++
Price : SD$65 [38ML]

Light and comfortable feeling, skin and foundation particle are made to fit right(made for each others), enhances the long lasting effect of "Moisture Veil LX" at a maximum. Strong waterproof for sweat, water and sebum.
Contains botanical extracts, which are ingredients for moisture <Shellplant (alpinia speciosa) leaf extract, grape seed oil, Japanese angelica root>

Look how cute and tiny the mini sample mask!!

Covermark The Perfect Foundation Workshop [Moisture Veil LX SPF32 PA+++]
Available in 9 shades
Price:  SD$95
Refill : SD$70

Formulated using cutting-edge technology. Contains 7 moisture fused botanical extracts that hydrates all skin types. Flawless application and seamless coverage, skin become increasingly radiant.  Achieve a high performance perfect complexion in just one minute.
  • COVERMARK's original technology capture skin's sebum and change it into brightness with moisturizing effect which make your skin looks more beautiful as time passes.
  • Powder coated with moisturizing agent naturally covers concerned area. Adopting <Skin Melting Formula>, it blends into skin like air.

    • Contains 7 botanical extracts that hydrates all skin types.
      Panax ginseng, Ganoderma Lucidum, Japanese Angelica extracts, coix seed, aloe, mulberry bark, beech.
The bottles labelling #1 to #3 were the process of making the "founation"
#1 is the foundation in liquid state, after constant stirring it solidify into this chunky powdery state(#2).. and then finally milled into powder state (#3) before pressed into "cake" .
The bottle holding the white powder is their setting powder (look very airy and light - almost like silica powder)

Taken with flash (The color range of the moisture Veil LX 2 way cake foundation)

Taken without flash...

Swatches in various lighting on all the Moisture Veil LX foundation....
[Click to enlarge]

Ming ( touching up her face with the foundation (She loves this foundation, cos it doesn't oxidise, give full coverage and long lasting. Make her face look fresh all day.
When I swatched the foundation.. it feel creamy (not really moist type of cream)... and the coverage is really decent (not sure I will like it.. cos I prefer sheer foundation... lolx.. I got a sample.. I should give it a try sooon).

COVERMARK have set aside 1000 sets of samples for you all...
Sets includes sample of Moisture Veil LX foundation, cleansing and Base (A good time to try out the products!)

All you have to do is head down to the COVERMARK counter at Takashimaya level 3 and tell them my blog URL (

From now till the end of October 2012

I'm not affiliated with the company.
Workshop is complimentary for invited blogger.