Wednesday, October 31, 2012

ISFREN Rx Magic Eye Solution EX [Review]

ISFREN Rx Magic Eye Solution EX For dark circles and Wrinkles - an all in one eye treatment care from Korea.

Non Artificial coloring
Clinically Proven, Dermatologist Tested

HALOXYL an unique ingredient specifically developed for serious dark circles from Sederma in France. "Special eye treatment with peptide,collagen,ceramide,adenosine provides a high moisturizing and lifting, anti- wrinkle effect for soft and smooth eye area.
Ingredients list...

  • Anti-wrinkle, whitening functional certification
  • Relieves the dull dark circles under the eyes and swelling around the eyes formulated with the key ingredient HALOXYL of France's SEDERMA
  • Firm lifting of peptide , intensive moisturizing of Hyaluronic Acid, Trehalose, Ceramide etc.

Squeeze tube packaging -
->> convenient to use or carrying around(for travel)
->> more hygiene (without having to stick something "finger/spatula") inside the cream.

spread out..

Here's my thought on this eyecream after using it for more then 6weeks.
  • The texture of the eyecream feel pretty light weight
  • Gel cream texture
  • look creamy but doesn't feel too oily
  • Easy to spread around the skin
  • Absorb well
  • Doesn't make skin around the eye areas feel oily nor sticky
  • Doesn't cause any skin irritation during the cause of using
  • Moisturizing and keep my eyelids hydrated without feeling dry and tight
  • does brighten up the under eye areas
  • doesn't do much help on fine lines .. but it does help to make them look less dry
  • Skin look supple after applying the eyecream.
For the first few weeks of using this eyecream, it doesn't feel any special. Feel pretty normal for me. I only see result on more hydrated skin and lightening/brighter under eye areas on the 4th week of using this eye cream day and night (twice a day).  It does feel abit soothing.
Work well with the skincares products that I'm using (DHC) and I already tried it out with 2 different eye serums (I didn't use the serums long enough to change the result of this eye cream. (I'm just testing it around 2/3 days to see how the serum feel).

Below are my before and after pics... thought it doesn't look that obvious on the pics... since the results were pretty mild. But the skin does feel good :)

(Taken on Sept 18 2012 - Under strong day light)

But I do notice that my skin look more radiant(right?? Or I'm cheated by the wonderful wonder of sunlight?!?!?!?!

Will be posting up review on the skincares that I've been using for the pass month (soon)!!!

[Taken on 29 Oct 2012 Day lighting- lighting abit strong- explain the different "color balance" on both pics] 

Really really can't tell much different (lolx)

[Oops... I got an eyelash in my eye!!!]

Check out Korea Cosmetics Facebook FanPage (Click on the banner below)

Price : ToBeConfirm
Available : ToBeConfirm
[I have no clue where can buy this product... cos I look around the website/facebook page(above) - I can't find any!!! Will update on it soon.
About the company::

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Monday, October 29, 2012

(LOTD) Maybelline HyperCosmos duo eyeshadow in WN-1

Another LOTD (eye makeup) created using the Maybelline HyperCosmos duo eyeshadow..

I find them very easy to use and both shades works really well with each others. Oh and when both shades mixed together, it become another shade!! (So I got 3 shades in this duo eyeshadow ^_^)


The color placement is the same as what I always do... nothing too fancy or wild... just a simple layering and smoked it out (Just blend blend blend ^_^)
The brownish gold on the lid... Plum on the outer corner and blend into my lash line (mix both shade together and apply+blend into my crease)... use a skinshade eyeshadow or pressed foundation/powder under the brows(clean-up+highlight the area)
Apply the plum on lower outer lash line and brownish gold on the inner lash line. (That's all ^_^ )

Do keep in mind that the Goldish brown shade on the right was super glittery (fall out alert!!!)

Products used....
  • The Face Shop Natural sun AQ Shaking-base Sun Milk SPF50+ PA+++ [Review]
    (Just finished this sunblock.... I so gonna miss using it!!! Love it soooo much!)
  • L'egere Super Light UV Whitening Blemish Balm Cream SPF34 [Review]
  • Burberry Fresh Glow
  • Benefit The porefessional [Review]
  • Coffret D'or lipstick in PK-233
  • Lavshuca cheek ball color in Pink
  • Lime crime Eyeshadow helper
  • Skinfood Red Orange sun powder SFP45 PA+++ [Write-up]
  • Maybelline HyperCosmos duo eyeshadow in WN-1 [Swatches]
  • K-palette 24hr tattoo eyebrow liquid liner
  • K-palette 24hr tattoo liquid eyeliner (waterproof) Black
  • K-palette 24hr eye pencil
  • Heroine Made Lengthening and curl mascara
  • Heavy Rotation brow mascara
[Products in blue font were provided by the company for consideration]

[Taken with flash]

Elizabeth Arden New Beautiful Color Eyeshadow Single and Duos

[Products launch/Products Write Up/Makeover session]
Elizabeth Arden, the brand that first introduced eye makeup to the women of America, takes innovation to the next level with a new line of Beautiful Color Eye Shadow Singles and Duos. Complete with skincare benefits, the new multitasking eye shadows enhance every woman’s look, true to Elizabeth Arden’s quest to make every woman feel confidently beautiful.

“As women age, eye shadow can exaggerate the crepe-like texture of the eye lids. Our Advanced Pigment Technology targets color rich pigments at their core so that the new eye shadows create a fine layer on top of the lid instead of falling into lines and creases, Retinyl Linoleate and Vitamins C and E also help to smooth the appearance of aging signs. The result is a powerful combination of long lasting color with skincare benefits that lift and smooth the eye lids.”
Explains Arthur Pellegrino, Vice President, Global Research & Development at Elizabeth Arden.
Beautiful Color and Application
The buildable shades provide strong color saturation and outstanding wear. The smooth texture of the luxurious new formula is crease-proof, allowing for a multi-finish application that smoothes, brightens and lifts the look of eyes. With 32 Singles and 7 Duos, women can create any look they desire—from daytime professional to fun and flirty.
  • Beautiful Color Eye Shadow Single Shades:
    Amethyst, Aquamarine, Bellini, Blonde, Bone, Bronze Lustre, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Desert Rose, Glisten, Golden Orchid, Graphite, Innocence, Iridescent Pink, Golden Ivy, Mediterranean, Mystic Violet, Periwinkle, Romance, Sandstone, Seashell, Shimmering Copper, Shimmering Taupe, Shimmering Emerald, Sky, Smolder, Sparkling Sable, Spice, Sterling, Sugar Cube, Sunset, and Truffle
  • Beautiful Color Eye Shadow Duo Shades:
    Black Tie, Café Au Lait, Classic Khaki, Heathered Plums, Misty Teal, Precious Metals, and Tempting Taupe.
Beautiful Ingredients
The new shadows offer skincare benefits that address both immediate and long term concerns. They help improve the appearance of signs of aging in the eye area while protecting skin from future environmental skin stressors.
Key ingredients include:
  • Retinyl Linoleate: This gentle but effective Vitamin A derivative helps minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles, and supports skin’s own natural collagen production.
  • Vitamins C and E: These antioxidants neutralize free radicals, greatly reducing their destructive power on skin cells in the delicate eye area.
  • Advanced Pigment Technology: Although pigments begin with a dry texture, this unique technology coats each particle with a blend of silky silicone, Retinyl Linoleate and antioxidants to give then a luxurious, smooth feel. Then, the particles are put through a process that makes them smaller and spread out, so they become surrounded by even more silicone and vitamins. As the particles spread out, they create a fine layer that floats on top of the eye lid instead of getting into fine lines.
The new shadows are also encased in a new sleek, gold and silver compact with a mirror. The Singles come with a sponge tip applicator while the Duos come with a dual ended sponge and brush. The iconic Elizabeth Arden Red Door is embossed into each powder for a sophisticated look.
Elizabeth Arden New Beautiful Color Eyeshadow Duos

Blur me... I forgot to swatch these set of colors :(
Elizabeth Arden New Beautiful Color Eyeshadow Single

Some of the single shades were missing from the display... so I just swatched what I I got on the spot :)
[Click to enlarge]


Elizabeth Arden Road Show @ Raffles City...
(Already ended.. but you can check out most departmental store for the EA counters)

We got a mini "eye" makeover session at the roadshow... I didn't pick my usual bright colors... just shimmering copper, Bronze Lustre and a tiny bit of Spice (I think...) cos these colors are pretty safe.. it won't look crazily obvious if I don't like it (You know... not all artist have the same way of applying makeup/style)

Before and after (The lighting was abit yellow and dim... so hard to capture "after")
(I have base makeup on)

I told you... nothing too crazy!!  I have something on after this session, so don't wanna be too "overboard" (lolx.. excuses, I know :b)
close up...
The shimmering copper was abit strong in real life!!!

The makeup artist didn't apply any eyeshadow primer and surprisingly... it didn't crease after afew hours (about 3hrs)...
Some Elizabeth Arden Makeup products...


Holiday Gift set...

Day to Night set...

Price list::
Beautiful Color Eye Shadow Singles        Price : SD$34.00 [2.5g]
Beautiful Color Eye Shadow Duos           Price : SD$46.00 [3g]
Available in all leading department stores nationwide in September 2012.
Goodies.. will play with the eyeshadows and update on how I feel about them soon ^_^

Read about Red Door Aura ->> Here <<-
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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Yves Saint Laurent Beaute Boutique Official Launch @ ION

[Grand Opening celebration]

Last Friday, attended the celebration of the grand opening of the Yves Saint Laurent Beaute Boutique at ION level 1 (the open space beside Sephora).

The Yves Saint Laurent Beaute Store located at B2-34 is their first flagship boutique in Asia and next month they planned to open a concessionaire at Tangs Orchard.

A very nice "circus" balancing rope dance....

Introducing YSL skincares and their cosmetics range with makeup demo by their international makeup artist....

The Yves Saint Laurent Beaute Boutique Official Launch's roadshop will be at ION level 1 for a week..  pop by if you happen to be around ION Orchard :)