Palty Bubble Dye in Raspberry Jam + Men's Palty Bleach [Change my hair color]

Changed my hair color!

Few days ago, Nanda (my younger sis) came over and say she wanna dye her hair... so went to Watsons and get some dyes.
There's 20% discount on selected hair dyes...

So we each got the Men's Palty Bleach and Palty Bubble Hair dye. (Bleach to light black hair and bubble dye to add color)
  • Men's Palty Hi Bleach (Price SD$13.90)
  • Palty Bubble hair dye (Price SD$16.90)
[Price before discount]

The percentage of the bleach on Men's Palty Hi-bleach was not really strong/high, so don't expect blonde!! lolx ....  Anyway, this is good enough for me.
((I miss those old school %% hair bleach that we used to have in Guardian .... need to show ID before purchasing one.. cheap and strong!))
I only got a box of hair bleach becos I only want to bleach the crown part of my hair (just lighten the "black" root that has been growing out since my last dye in November.) and a box of bubble hair dye in Raspberry Jam.

I want something redish and orangey... and this is "LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT" (lolx)

I ask Ariya (my other sister) to help us dye our hair ^_^
First using the Men's Palty Bleach to bleach the crown/black hair) .. I dont want even shade.. cos I wanna have different shades of orange and red (refer to the above Palty Raspberry Jam color chart)
Men's Palty Hi-bleach

It look like I highlighted my hair... but in real ... my hair color was way lighter and "golden"

The Bleach smell was kinda strong and it does dries the hair abit. (Well,  all bleach is the same!)
After rinsing out and blow dried my hair..... time to add in color.....
Palty Bubble dye in Raspberry Jam

Mix the liquid and cream in the cup and stirr.....  Smell so yummy~

when I rinse off.. it look pale yellowish orange with a hint of red under tone... but not as "yellow" like the flash pics!!
When under bright day light (I took the daylight pics the next day) .. my hair does look redish orangey (yesh.. thought not as red as I've imagined.. but still look nice)

More day light pics..

Palty Hair dye is available at Watsons Singapore.
Purchase it with some vouchers + my own $$$$$

Here's some pics of my darlings....
I start walking my dogs daily with longer timing for a few weeks now... because Buibui is seriously OVERWEIGHT!!!!!
Peapea's happy face...

Buibui's slim down abit and I spot muscle on her back thigh on the first week!!! Why they slim down so fast one!! I also walking with them.. and I still look the same!!!!!

After a long walk, run in the park..... ZzzZZZZzzzzZZZzzzzZZZzzz....