Haraju-Cute Box One - Japan Cosme Number One

The theme for the first Haraju-cute bloggers' box is Japan Cosme #1 products.

All 3 products were voted #1 on Japan Cosme in 2011.
Body Fantasies Body spray, Bandai The Rose of Versailles Mask and Liquid eyeliner


Body Fantasies Fragrance Body Spray in Freesia Fantasy

Available in 2 refreshing scents in Singapore [Freesia and Vanilla]
Price : SD$8.90 (50ml)

All Body Fantasies fragrances are light, clean, fresh and energizing.

Scent : Freesia, Hellotrope, Rose and Muguet
Ingredients list....

  • The alcohol smell was pretty STRONG at first, but fade off quite fast.
  • Very floral rosy scent (not too strong nor sweet)
  • the scent linger around for about 30 mins and stay on the skin for about an hour or two.
  • Feel cooling and refreshing on the skin
  • doesn't cause any irritition nor sticky.
  • The size of this 50ml body spray is small enough to carry around without feeling the extra weight.

Bandai The Rose of VersaillesThe Rose of Versailles is one of the best-known Japanese titles in Shojo manga(comic) created by Riyoko Ikeda. Today, it is also one of the most popular range of award winning cosmetics with high-quality ingredients.

Bandai The Rose of Versailles Oscar & Rosalie Face Mask (Refreshing Peach Scent) [Check out my review]
Price : SD$8.90 per sheet

Available in 3 types
  • Oscar & Rosalie Face Mask [Refreshing Peach Scent]
  • Lady Oscar Face Mask [Floral White Rose]
  • Princess Antoinette Face Mask [Alluring Red Rose]
Bandai The Rose of Versailles Masks are gentle on the skin, free of alcohol and mineral oil.
Each mask contain 27ml of beauty serum.

Bandai The Rose of Versailles 24hr Long lasting Liquid Eyeliner
Voted #1 @ Japan Cosme for the year 2010 and 2011
Availble in 3 shades
  • Lady Oscar Liquid Eyeliner (black)                            Price : SD$23.90
  • Princess Antoinette Liquid Eyeliner (Dark Brown)    Price : SD$24.90
  • Princess Antoinette Liquid Eyeliner (Brown)             Price : SD$23.90
Bandai The Rose of Versailles Princess Antoinette Liquid Eyeliner in Dark Brown
Price :: SD$24.90

  • Superwaterproof
  • Smudge free firm type eyeliner
  • 0.1mm ultra thin brush tip
  • Contain moisturizing wild roseessence and rose waterr
  • bottle pen is specially adopted for use till the last drop
  • Remove easily with lukewarm water

The tip is very easy to control... I can go thick or thin (refer below)

Bandai The Rose of Versailles also have pencil liner and eyebrow powder and pencil. (I got the pencil liner from their goodies bag at the bloggers' session)

Bandai The Rose of Versailles Lady Oscar Creamy Pencil Liner (Black)
Price : SD$25.90
[Available in Princess Antoinette Creamy Pencil (brown)]

  • Superwaterproof
  • contain moisturizing agent - rose water and hyaluronic acid

  • The creamy pencil tip was flat when it's new... it draw thick
  • The creamy pencil feel really smooth when I swatch it across the back the back of my hand
  • feel creamy but not really "creamy soft" type of creamy
  • Easy to draw on the lid without pulling the skin

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