Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hair cut @ Shunji Matsuo Hair studio - Ngee Ann City

Recently, I was invited down to the Newly opened Shunji Matsuo Hair studio located on the 5th floor of Ngee Ann City.... for a cut or treatment.

3800 square-foot features contemporary funishings from Japan designed for comfort. Including ergonomicalled designed Yume chairs and adjustable basins that provide better support and fit during hair treatment.

The new salon had clearly defined cutting, styling, washing, treatment and coloring areas with a colour bar for customised consultation, where hair colours are matched to individual skin tone.

Rows of haircare products from various brands.

Lockers area

Very spacious styling area... bright, simple and neat.

Rinsing/washing off areas...

Hair treatment area...

Training, styling area

My before "cutting/trimming" hair length... (I should tidy up before taking this pic, oh well.. at least the "length" is showing! Kekekee)
I've been wanting to keep my hair as long as possible, because I kinda miss my Super long hair back in 2004. Anyway... I decided to cut/trim my hair cos it start to feel abit messy.. so I'm going to give it a nice trim and then start "growing" it as long as possible ^_^

Gerard giving me a more heavy and round bottem cut (which I never have before.. I always have layer with a "V" shade tip that was so much thinner then the top.) and trim my fringe to frame my face nicely.

This is Gerard (International Director from Korea who's been with Shunji Matsuo for more than 5 years)

Chopped off about 15cm .... it gonna took me about 1 year to grow it back to the original length (according to hair growth rate - we grow about 0.5 inch per month/6inches (or less) per year )
Though the cut was shorter then I've imagined, my hair does look alot neater, lighter and it's also make my hair look fuller(more volume) too!

Over at Shunji Matsuo Hair studio, they offered a few latest hair treatments. (Available exclusively)
  • Arimino botanical garden treatment 
An all natural ingredients - 5 step hair treatment for a complete scalp and hair strengthen. (Price from SD$140 for 45mins session)
  • Arimino caretrico hair treatment
For Deep moisturization, nutrients and repairs damaged hair.
Specially customized and formulated to suit and treat individual hair conditions.
  • Tansan Bubble Spa treatment (carbonated water)
A deep cleansing process which incorporates the use of carbon-dioxide infused water to improves hair condition by removing chemical residue and natural substances like sweat and sebum from scalp and hair which build-up over time.
391 Orchard Road
Ngee Ann City Podium B S
Singapore 238872
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Mon - Sat  :10am to 8pm
Sun           : 10 am to 6pm
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