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Benefit The PoreFessional Pro Balm [Repackage]

I believe most peoples are familiar with Benefit and their series of iconic products.. one of them was The PoreFessional Pro Balm and recently has a new face (packaging).

The original packaging...
Personally, I prefer the clean original packaging! lolx But.. I like the colors tone of the New spygal packaging and it does fit well with benefit "cute" and chic image.
The concept of the "Spygal" is pretty cute... she's a spy and she need to be "conceal" lolx
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Benefit The pore fessional Pro balm is a primer that will minimize the appearance of pores & fine lines for smoother-than-smooth skin!
** Translucent **
** oil-free formula **
** complements all skintones **
** helps makeup stay put **
** Contains Vitamin E derivative (known to protect skin from free radicals) **

This silicon lightweight balm can be appy alone, under or over makeup.

Ingredients list...
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It look moist but when I smooth the balm out... it turn into this silky smooth powder texture...

The effect doesn't look so obvious but can see that the skin feel a bit smoother.

Apply a layer of 2way foundation all over the back of my hand...

On the Left ::
which doesn't have any base/primer underneath.

On the Right ::
which have the pro balm as base "grab" the foundation nicely on the skin and kinda enhanced the foundation (more radiant and coverage)

[The different is more visible when I used "flash"]
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When apply the Benefit Pore Fessional Pro balm on the skin(face), it does minimized the pores. I only apply on my T-zone and on my inner cheeks (where pores are usually gigantic!!!).
*** skin look silky smooth
*** Doesn't feel sticky nor oily
*** Pores were minimized
*** Smooth application of foundation (I try it with 2way cake foundation).
On liquid Foundation - the differences doesn't look too obvious.
I only tried it twice... so I can't tell much (will do a full review soon).
It does reminds me of SANA silicon primer... Benefit Pore Fessional Pro balm feel much lightweight and moist. Although it look tinted, but it doesn't give any "color" on the skin.

Edit : 01 Jan 2013
I have been using the porefessional on my WHOLE face for quite sometimes already and here's my more details review (^_^)

My skin have been feeling tight/dry and flakey on some areas for quite sometimes already and NOW finally my skin feel like normal again (which is combination skin) ...

Will start to feel oily after a few hours of wearing foundation products.. My skin still feel dry on some areas (mostly on the outer cheeks), and I still use skincare that was meant for normal or dry skin, because I sleep in air-con room.... skin will natural feel dry.... my nose was so dry that it look so shiny (doesn't feel oily)... so using an oil control primer kinda make it worse...  But when I used the Benefit Pore Fessional Pro Balm, skin doesn't feel tight/dry and it makes the foundation last longer on the face, doesn't oily up easily also (I still use good moisturizing moisturizer underneath the primer).

So to sum up... great pro balm for all skin types! That's how I feel la... but you may not like it, so PLEASE check it out at the counter and test it out yourself to see if you like it.. ask for sample or ask the BA to try it on your skin. (^.^)


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Price : SD$48

Available at Benefit Counters @ All Sephora Singapore
  • Tangs Orchard
  • Takashimaya
  • Robinsons Raffles City

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