Shu uemura Tsuya Skin - Japan's word for ideal skin

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Shu Uemura famous for their makeup are launching Tsuya Skin islandwide from September 2012. A serum that helps to reactivate our skin's youth in just 7 days.

Shu uemura Tsuya SkinYouthful radiance generator

Reactivate your skin's youth power switch
7 days to porcelain-fine, petal-soft, translucent glowing skin.
For decades, Japanese make-up and skincare expert shu uemura has pursued the key to ideal, youthful skin, guided by its philosophy, “beautiful make-up starts with beautiful skin.” shu uemura has now unlocked the innermost workings of the skin and harnessed the latest discoveries in cellular biology to reactivate cell regeneration and reveal a dramatic skincare solution that reaches new heights in achieving beautiful, youthful  skin. TSUYA skin — Japan’s word for ideal skin.
Having identified that skin has a “youth power switch” to reactivate cell regeneration, ideal skin is now within your reach. Experience the miracle of innovative, premium skincare from shu uemura and say goodbye to dull, rough and tired-looking skin. With a golden drop of TSUYA skin youthful radiance generator, reactivate your skin’s “youth power switch.” 7 days to porcelain-fine, petal-soft, translucent glowing skin.
Try it, Love it
In consumer tests*, TSUYA skin won women over, with 100% of participants saying they would buy TSUYA skin after trying it, making the results the best in the history of shu uemura! Users reported their skin felt smooth, looked younger and more translucent. Follow the expert into a new realm of beauty and a new age in skincare. Love your skin, love yourself more with TSUYA skin.

What is TSUYA skin? what makes ideal skin?
To answer these questions, we analyzed more than 5,000 individual cases of Asian women’s skin to scientifically understand what is needed for skin to be perceived as “ideal.”
We found that “ideal” skin came down to 6 key parameters:
  • smoothness
  • porelessness
  • translucence
  • an even tone
  • a fine texture
  • good skin color.
When all these factors are present, skin radiates beauty—this is what makes “ideal” skin.
In Japanese we call this “TSUYA skin.”

The essence itself has a dreamy iridescent glow...
When I apply 2 drops on the back of my hand, the essence feel very moist, abit slimey... but absorbed very fast. Skin feel silky smooth and not sticky at all. (Not too sure how it feel on the face, will try it out soon.)

Apply Tsuya Skin before moisturizer.

Shu uemura Tsuya Skin
Price : SD$108 [30ml]
Available islandwide on September 2012
I haven't tried this essence yet, dont wanna crash with what I'm using now. I need more time... when I'm ok with whatever I'm using now, I will add this serum into my skincare's routine. [Review will be up once I tried it out for 28days]

Shu uemura Tsuya Skin UV under base
Youthful radiance mousse with SPF30 PA++ and 24hrs hydration

Switch the light on your skin
Lightness of mousse, moisture of cream for youthful radiant skin
For decades, shu uemura has led the way in skincare and make-up, showing women around the world a new path to beauty, and never straying from the words of its founder: “skin is the perfect canvas.” Mr Shu Uemura was always sensitive to women’s desires and concerns regarding their skin, and creation of the ideal make-up base was an obsession. He knew that beautiful make-up starts with beautiful skin.
True to that vision, shu uemura has now enlarged its collection of pioneering UV under base mousse—a top-selling product* which has been loved by women and celebrities around the world since its groundbreaking release in 1990.
TSUYA skin UV under base youthful radiance mousse heralds a new era in beauty and provides superior coverage to bring a fresh new canvas. Skin glows with long-lasting radiance, flawless like porcelain. In a simple make-up step, new TSUYA skin UVUB mousse, with high UV protection, is 17 times lighter than regular liquid-and cream-type make-up bases, giving the effect of a luxurious treatment mask, lasting moisture, and skin that looks dewy and youthful, plumped and refined. Switch the light on your skin with TSUYA skin UVUB mousse for a complexion that looks renewed and beautiful.
*UVUB mousse is the top selling product of shu uemura’s total make-up base category. In 2011, shu uemura’s total make-up base sales was the No.1 selling make-up base in Asia (Source: Beauté Research Asia 2011) . This research does not include the sales result of the mass brand.

The Tsuya Skin UV under base Youthful radiance mousse is a light peachy shade which doesn't give much "color" on the skin, but help to give a radiance complexion.
The radiance mousse feel more moist and lightweight as compare to the Pink and Beige UV base mousse. The Tsuya Skin UV base have skincare ingredients in it.... which will help to boost radiance skin.
I'm so wanna try this on my face... but I have to wait until this launch in October 2012!

The collection of UVUB mousse...
I noticed that I didn't do any detail review on UV under base (Pink, beige or BB mouse) If you're interested, I will post a details review on it soon. ^_^

Shu uemura Tsuya Skin UV under base Youthful radiance mousse
Price : SD$78 [50ml]
Available islandwide on October 2012
At the bloggers session...
Demo on using the Tsuya Skin + Tsuya skin UV under base ...

They even put together a palette from the color atelier collection.

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Wanna try Tsuya Skin essence before it launch? I will giving away 10 bottles of deluxe size sample (10ml each). Post coming up soon.