Palgantong Make-up Theatrical Powder [Review]

More then a month ago, I received Palgantong Theatrical Powder - A popular product amongst professional makeup artrists and famous entertainers in Asia for its unique and special effects.

I have been wanting to try this for ages but because I'm not too sure on how to differentiate the "fake" and the "original".... so, I just avoid it completely!

The original have the silver label.

Unique and Special effects ::
  • Slimming Effect :
    Making the face look slimmer with a 3-dimensional effect from the effect of light reflection.
  • Long Lasting Effect :
    Keeping the face fresh all day due to its strong resilience to water and sweat.
  • Super Hydrating Effect :
    Retains moisture and prevents evaporation to creates flawless and supple skin.
  • Blooming effect :
    Brightens the face for a beautiful and glowing finish.

The Palgantong Theatrical Powder is the #1 Best Selling Loose Powder in Japan - 7 million since its launch in 2002.

The Original Beige is a light peachy beige shade... but look abit white beige when blending on the skin.

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After trying the powder on and off for about 7 weeks (I rotated it with different base/foundation/bbcream). It work well with most bbcreams and lighter foundations.
  • The powder feel moist
  • It feels thick when I touch the powder with my fingers
  • Apply sheer (I'm quite fair) so this does give me abit of "color" on my skin(face)
  • The powder blend and melts into my skin nicely with abit of "shade"
  • Doesn't leave any white cast
  • Pretty lightweight on the skin(face)
  • Doesn't feel cakey nor patchy
  • Decent oil control
  • Stay on the skin well (Think about 4-6hrs without touching up)
  • No irritation nor cause any break-out
  • Have a soft focus finishing
  • Doesn't look too flat matte on the face
  • Doesn't contain any shimmers/mica/glitters
  • Does minimize abit of pores and fine lines
  • Didn't notice any "slimming effect" (My face too big to see any different -lolx)
  • Powder doesn't make my skin feel dry
  • Gives a smooth and velvety finishing feel (I means when I touch my face)
With thicker or semi matte finishing foundation, Palgantong Theatrical powder will look abit "thick"(coverage wise) on the skin.
Personally, I prefer sheer or light to medium coverage with dewy finishing...  and I don't really conceal my spots (unless it's TOO RED and sore).If you like more coverage finishing look (matte/medium coverage) then this powder will go well with your collection of foundations (I think).
The powder might feel abit thick when skin is dry.. cos it enhance the dryness abit (not so obvious), but skin doesn't feel dry nor tight. (This is quite common for moist type of loose powder.)
I prefer a translucent or paler or brighter shade - because this shade(original beige) doesn't brighten up my face. I can see that it does give a nice "glow" but on my face the glow was abit "warm" (Omy, I donno how to explain this... ) And "warm" always make me look 1 shades darker!
I apply a teeny bit of the powder using a big fluffy brush on my face to avoid adding more "color".
Available at
BHG, Guardian and Sasa Outlets.
Price ::
SD$16.80 [10g] and SD$29.80 [25g]
Website ::

Brand Philosophy
In 1878, Ludwig Leichner of Germany started a business producing stage makeup and soon established a strong reputation for vivid colors and reliable products for makeup professionals.

Now in the 21st century, Palgantong with inherited methods and skills has successfully re-established and re-introduced Leichner's famous products by creating a formulation specifically suited for Asian skin.
Disclaimer: Product was provided by PlusOne Asia/Palgantong Make-up. I'm not affiliated with them.