Mentholatum Medicated Lip Gel [Review]

Mentholatum lip care (#1 Lip Care brand in Japan) launches 3 new Medicated Lip Gels with nourishing vitamins and nutritional supplements for healthy, moisturized lips in May 2012 (Singapore)

Mentholatum Medicated  Vitamin Lip Gel
  • 4 essential - Vitamin A, Vitamin B2, Vitamin C and Vitamin E to provide hydration, protection and help repair chapped lips.
  • With Menthol to soothe and refresh lips

WooHoo... this contain Avocado oil!!! It's the best for treating dry, flakey and chapped skin!!!

Mentholatum Medicated Q10 & Ceramide Lip Gel
  • Co-Q10 supplement to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and maintain healthy, yourthful-looking lips.
  • Ceramide for suppler, fuller lips.

Mentholatum Hyaluronic acid & Gollagen Lip Gel
  • Hyaluronic Acid to lock in moisture, providing long-lasting hydration to lips.
  • Collagen to improve lip texture and elasticity.

Good size...

Swatches of the lip gels...

Juicy Oily glossy lips....

I have been rotating all 3 lip gels for about a month and now... here's my thought on these juicy lip gels ^_^
On the texture and feel on all the lip gels
  • All 3 of them feels moist, oily and moisturizing on the lips
  • Doesn't have the heavy waxy feel
  • Pretty lightweight
  • lips feel moist and supple
  • And even when I blot away the excess gel on the lips, it still feel moisturizing for a few hours.
  • All 3 work great for overnight moisturizing on the lips in AirCon room.
    [I use all 3 as my overnight, sleep in lip treatment - cos I sleep in AirCon room MOST of the time.]
Sometimes when lips are tight and dry (for sensitive lips)...  lips will feel abit sore and itchy, all 3 of them does help in soothing the lips. But I will reach for the Vitamin Lip Gel.
Mentholatum Medicated Vitamin Lip Gel
  • This feel minty and very soothing on the lips. 
  • Ease tight, dry, crack and painful lips very well
  • Very moisturizing

I find that this is the best in healing among all 3 lips gel for crack, flaky, dry and painful lips.
Mentholatum Medicated Q10 & Ceramide Lip Gel
  • Does ease tight and dry lips
  • smooth out fine dry lines on the lips
  • moisturizing (The least moisturizing one as compare to the other two)
  • Lips feel soft and smooth

Mentholatum Hyaluronic acid & Gollagen Lip Gel
  • Super moisturizing
  • Very moist on the lips
  • lips feel supple
  • does ease crack, tight and dry lips

Available at Watsons
Price : SD$7.90 Each

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