Mentholatum Lip Pure Lip Balm and Honey Lemon Moisturizing Lip Gel [Review]

Recently Mentholatum released another new lipcares products.... Lip Pure a 100% food-grade certified products.

Both Mentholatum Lip Pure Lip Balm and Honey Lemon Moisturizing Lip Gel have similar ingredients and both are ...
  • 100% food grade natural ingredients
  • Suitable for sensitive lips
  • Formulated with a gentle beeswax formulation
  • No Perservatives
  • Colorants
  • High in Antioxidants of Vitamin E and Grape Seed oil
  • Emollient, soothing and softening properties

Mentholatum Lip Pure Honey Lemon Moisturizing Lip GelPrice: SD$7.90

Ingredients List...
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The gold shimmers wasn't that obvious on the lips.. but when look closer you can see a tiny bit of it. [Click to enlarge]

The texture and feel on the Honey Lemon Moisturizing Lip Gel

  • The consistency of the lipgel is pretty thick and abit sticky (feel like a thick lipgloss)
  • Quite moisturizing (work well in air-con room.)
    I only used this as overnight treatment
  • lips feel moist and supple the next day
  • Quite soothing and does ease irritaton lips
  • I didn't experiences any cracked lips before I start using this lipgel, so I got no say on how well it will be on "cracked/chapped lips"
  • Has a soft sweet scent (honey lemon scent)
  • When apply on the lips, it does have a glossy finishing (refer to above lip swatch)
  • Doesn't feel oily (Well, guess the thickness/stickyness cover the oily feel)
I still prefer the Mentholatum Medicated Lip Gels (review) because it's feel abit more moisturizing, lightweight, non sticky(though it feels abit oily) and more long lasting.... as compare to this Honey Lemon Moisturizing Lip gel.
Mentholatum Lip Pure Lip BalmPrice : SD$7.90

Ingredients list...
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The feels and texture of the Mentholatum Lip Pure Lip Balm...
  • The lip balm feel moist and abit oily
  • Pretty lightweight (feel lights on the skin)
  • Not sticky at all
  • Doesn't have the waxy lip balm feel/texture
  • Quite moisturizing
  • Doesn't work quite well as overnight lipbalm cos it absorbed into the lip quite fast. I need something more lasting.
  • lips does feel moist and supple
  • Same as the lipgel, the lipbalm feels quite soothing and does ease irritaton lips
  • When apply on the lips, it has a soft moist look (doesn't look shiny nor glossy)

Mentholatum Lip Pure Lip Balm and Honey Lemon Moisturizing Lip Gel are available at Watsons, Guardian, Fairprice and all major supermarkets and fepartmental stores.
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