Burberry Beauty Workshop for radiant skin @ Tangs Orchard

Sometimes ago, I was invited to attend the Burberry Beauty Workshop @ Tangs Orchard.

Burberry beauty believe in effortlessly beauty with simple makeup application.

Application tips for effortless makeup by Wendy Rowe(Burberry Beauty Artistic consultant)

Step 1
Apply Fresh Glow to the face to highlight and moisturize.
Mix Fresh Glow with Burberry Sheer Foundation for a natural radiant finish or apply to the cheekbones as shimmering highlighter.

Step 2
Apple Sheer Foundation or sheer compact foundation.
Start from the centre of the face and blend outwards to give a natural, flawless finish.

Step 3
Apply Sheer Concealer to the cheekbones, bridge of the nose and bow of the lips to highlight.
To conceal dark circles.... Apply a shade darker than skin tone.
To conceal blemishes... apply one shade lighter than skin tone.

Step 4
Light dust with sheer Powder to set the foundation
Apply accross the nose and T-zone

Step 5
Apply light Glow to the cheekbones to define and highlight or apply Warm Glow for naturally sun-kissed cheeks.
The demo follow very closely at the application tip by Wendy Rowe.. but she used Lip cover as cheek color which gave a radiance flush of color on the cheeks.

Random swatches of lip colors... (lip mist)

Swatches of the Sheer concealer

I received some Burberry Beauty products... will do a review on the products soon ^_^

Here's the rundown of the collection....

Price List::
Fresh Glow :: SD$70
Lip Mist       :: SD$43
Lip Cover    :: SD$43
Eye Definer :: SD$33
Luminoud Fluid Foundation  :: SD$77
Burberry Beauty is exclusively available at Tangs Orchard
I'm not affiliated with Burberry Beauty