Sunday, July 29, 2012

RoC Gommage Doux Lissant Soft Smoothing scrub [Review]

It's been awhile since I review any facial's scrub products. One of the main reasons was .... I have been avoiding it(kekekee) until I read that this is a gentle scrub for all skin types even sensitive skin... so I decided to give this a try.

Read more about RoC Soft Smoothing Scrub [here]

I "LOVE" the squeeze tube because it NOT "messy" (especially inside of the cap), after using it for more then 2 months.... the tube still look new and NEAT!!! (I keep this in the bathroom - share with my mum and sister)

Ingredients list....

Have been using this scrub once per week for 2 months.
(Recommend to use every 2 days - about 2 to 3 times per week).
  • The scrub feels like a cream cleanser that doesn't foam up.
  • Easy to spread out, feel quite moist.
  • Contain 2 different beads sizes that doesn't feel too harsh on the skin.
    (spherical pink soft beads that comes in irregular shapes with angles and ridges that made with polythelene)
  • The mixture of the scrub is about 70% cream and 30% beads
  • Doesn't cause any irritation
  • No breaking-out while using the scrub
  • Most of the time, I just focus the scrub on my nose(T-zone) and chin.
  • Doesn't feel too drying nor too rich
  • Skin doesn't feel dry nor tight after rinising off the scrub
  • Skin feel cleans and it does help to reduce the chances of "clogged pores"
Most scrub will leave a very soft and smooth skin texture after "scrubbing"...  this is common because we just polished the skin with "beads/sea-salt/shell/sugar". Which might be too harsh on certain skin types (like dry/sensitive/blemishes skin types).
This gentle scrub also make skin feel smooth.. but it's doesn't feel that "polished". More like when you just use water to wash your face, the skin feel clean but still have that slightly natural oil but abit more refined skin texture.
I still use cleansing water that contain AHA+BHA (mild "scrub" to remove old horny layer) as my daily mild exfoliator (and skip it if I'm going to used the RoC Gentle scrub)....  Trying to reduce the irritation from "harshness" of the beads rubbing against my sensitive skin.
For these pass 2 months, I've been thru the period of dry skin to combination skin (NOW I'm back to my normal skin condition but less oily). And during both phase, this scrub doesn't cause any problems on my skin.

Price: SD$30 [125ml]
Available at selected Guardian, Watsons, Nishino Shaw House and Essential pharmacy from May 2012.

Product was provided by RoC, I'm not affiliated with them.
Review was base on my personal experiences.
Thanks Amanda for always so patience with me and trying to understand my skin condition ^_~
[*Horny Layer - the outermost layer of the epidermis consisting of dead cells that slough off]