Annick Goutal Nuit Etoilee

Recently, Annick Goutal launched their new fragrance - Nuit Etoilee.

The Annick Goutal Nuit Etoilee's theme was base on the painting of Vincent Van Gogh's "Starry, Starry Night". (Romantic right?!? I means the painting, the color tone....)

On first sniff... the scent was bursting with sweet citrusy scent- very refreshing, sweet and lively. And it dries down to a soft woody (abit sweet) scent on my skin... (OMy, I'm really sucky at describing scents!!! )

Ingredients list...

Attended my FIRST ever fragrance profiling session for Annick Goutal Fragrances at escentials paragon couple weeks ago... and it was really interesting!!!!! ^__^

This is the Fragrances Bible...(updated yearly) and inside there's a fragrance wheel (kinda like color wheel)...

At the session, they asked some very basic personal questions... like~
"what I like, What I think peoples think about me and ects ..."

Then I go on to sniff sniff sniff the scents from these 6 test tubes [all Annick Goutal Fragrances] ...  pick my fave...

Look thru a series of images.... answer some very simple questionnaire....
I fall under the "Fresh" category.... :
Before the session... they ask about my fave type of scents and fragrances .... I prefer fresh, citrus and sweet fragrance and after the test.. I'm proud to say that I'm quite true on what I like! (Kekekekee....)

Annick Goutal is a High Perfumery House, guided by the values of its creator and characterized by its remarkable sophistication and the excellent quality of its raw materials.

Annick Goutal's secret lies in its talent for transforming emotions into fragrances. Each unique creation represents a moment of happiness, a treasured emotion, or a powerful memory connected to a significant event or even a loved one. It is the age-old quest for eternity.
The Annick Goutal house has established itself over the years as the brand favored by those who prefer the authentic to the ostentatious and craftsmanship to mass production.
Here's the whole collection of Annick Goutal fragrances...

At the session, I learned that Annick Goutal house has established itself over the years as the brand favored by those who prefer the authentic to the ostentatious and craftsmanship to mass production. They have full control on the type of scent they wanna create.

Like notes of an organ, Annick Goutal Perfumes offer more than 30 original creations, telling each their own history, intended for unique women who prefer the authentic to the ostentatious. The feminine fragrances are presented in a fluted bottle symbolizing the traditional perfumery of Annick Goutal.

The masculine universe of Annick Goutal is expressed through a range of original fragrances, found in a square bottle, practical yet elegant. Each perfume has its personality, its history and is addressed to an authentic, timeless man, in search of a natural air of seduction.

"You must never forget that in the end, the purpose of the perfume is to make you happy. I always have tried to do good, with much love. And I have always kept close a quote I've taken from a book whose name I can't remember: 'Always give back gifts you have received, but not necessarily to those who sent it to you... " By Annick Goutal

Fragrance Profiling is available at escentials strictly by appointment only.
If you're looking at a distinctive scent for a special occasion, or to mark different chapters of life, Fragrance Moments - a different type of profiling, is also available. With a wide range of niche and cult fragrances available at escentials, a scent that is personally yours awaits.

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