Friday, July 13, 2012

AFC Green Beauty 美颜青汁 (review)

AFC Green Beauty 美颜青汁 - superior to other green juice products, AFC Green Beauty is 100% natural blend of Organic Barley Grass, Kale, Shizuoka Green Tea and Hydrolyzed Micro Collagen works from the inside to detox and nourish your body and skin. It is the only Green Juice formula enhanced with 2,500mg Micro-Collagen peptides, for renewed body and glowing skin!

Help to rid Your Daily Toxins for Clearer Skin
Your skin mirrors the effects of your diet and lifestyle. Blemished, lacklusture, aging, rough and sallow complexions are often the results of unhealthy living habits. Toxins are accumulated in our body from the food we eat, pollutants from the air, together with UV exposure, lack of exercise, stress and insufficient sleep, our body is constantly challenged to re-balance itself in order to maintain a healthy, youthful state.

Good detoxification restores glow and radiance to your skin and revitalizes the body. AFC Green Beauty boosts your body's daily cleansing by enhancing your body's natural detoxifying process, clear unwanted wastes and supply essenial nutrients back to your skin for the perfect complexion.

Unique & Powerful Two-Step system
  • Step 1 : Cleanse and Alkalinize your body
  • Step 2 : Repair and Nourish Your Skin

Daily dose of AFC Green Beauty gives stressed, aging and unhealthy skin a new lease of life.

Suitable for all ages, AFC Green Beauty works best for those seeking to beautify their skin naturally. Highly recommended for those with imbalanced diets and those who feek lethargic easily
  • Promotes cellular repair and skin renewal to improve blemished and sallow complexions
  • Stimulates collagen production to improve skin firmness, clarity and hydration
  • Alkalinizes acidic body pH and aids removal of acidic wastes for improved vitality
  • Protection from free radicals and anti-aging effects

A box contain 30 sachets [5gm each sachets]

Ingredients and writes up on this product...
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Green powder...

AFC Green Beauty uses unique ultrafine blending method in Japan to micronize the formula for better solubility and absorption. This exclusive technology retains the most nutrients in AFC Green Beauty and enhances the texture and taste. Unlike regular green juice powder, Green Beauty is the ideal beauty beverage that blends well with water, soy milk, milk and yoghurt. (Click here to view methods to prepare Green Beauty)

Unlike other green juice, Green Beauty dissolves fully in water, and does not separate even after leaving it stand still for 10 minutes.

After "almost" finishing up the whole box... here's my little review on this Green Beauty Drink...
[I have one or two sachets each day and sometimes... I forgot :b]
  • The Green Beauty taste and smell abit sweet....
not really sweet's sweet type of taste...  more like the wheat grass juice type of sweetness.
  • Dissolve in cold, warm and hot water (I prefer HOT, becos hot/warm drinks always make my throat/body feel soothing - Just personal preference) and taste reminds me of herbal teas or "veges juices".
  • It does help abit in bowel movement...  lately due to stress(I donno where my stress came from!) I start to have mild constipation.
    (Glad that I'm back to normal now!)
  • I didn't see much different on my complexion (maybe becos I was on collagen juice/drink/supplement before I try this) so, sum up ... this does show results, cos I stop drink collagen drinks when I switch to AFC green beauty drink... and my skin still feel the same (good).
  • As for my face complexion - look about the same (bright and not dull), no breaking out also.
    But I do has a inflammation bump on my nose (I blame the weathers!!!)

If you are someone who always on "collagen" drinks, juice or supplement - this is a good alternative, cos this help to detox the body too.

AFC Green Beauty [美颜青汁] is exclusively available at Watsons.
Price: SD$64.90 [Per box]
Contents: 5g x 30 sachets
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