2012 July Bella Box - Around the World

This would be the first Bella Box after the increment of the subscription fee. OK, let's check out the quality of the content.

They are so sweet to included the pic that we took during the Bellabox after work bloggers' party.

Here's the July Bella Box : Around the World card...

[Click to enlarge]

Facil treatment gentle cleanser [120ml - SD$89] [sample 6g "est about 5ml" - SD$3.8]
Cellumination Mask in lotion [100ml - SD$114] [sample 10ml - SD$11.40]
Facial treatment essence [75ml - SD$99][150ml - SD$168][215ml - SD$209] [sample 10ml  - SD$13.20]
Cellumination deep surge ex [50g - SD$199] [sample 2.5g - SD$9.95]

Jimmy Choo Fragrance
EDP [40ml - SD$78] [60ml - SD$125] [100ml - SD$165]
EDT [40ml - SD$68] [60ml - SD$115] [100ml - SD$145]
Sample EDT 4.5ml - SD$7.65

L'egere Multi BB Cream 50ml
Sample 10g (est about 15ml) - SD$11.67

A set of 3 for SD$6.50
One for SD$2.17

Skinmiso pore beauty nose pack
10 sheet plus essence(15ml) - USD$21.99
Sample (One sheet) - USD$2.199 (about SD$3)

This 2 steps nose pack look rather interesting, I will try it out and do an initial thought on this (if anyone interested).
Bellebox lipstick pen

Total amount of this box of samples are SD$60.67
Monthly subscription fee is $19.95
I'll let you decide whether this Bellabox is worth your $$$$  (^_^)V

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July Box was sent for reviewing, I'm not affiliated with Bellabox.