Uriage HYSÉAC Rinse-Free Cleansing Lotion (Review)

Uriage HYSÉAC Rinse-Free Cleansing Lotion - a refreshing lotion that effectively eliminates impurities, purifies the skin and protects it against everyday aggressions, such as pollution. The skin is clearer, fresher and purified.

A “2-in-1” product for practical, ultra-fast cleansing; no need to be rinsed-off.
A very pleasant fragrance
Main ingredients...
  • Uriage Thermal Water
  • Epilobium Extract
  • Glycin
  • “Pollution protect” complex
  • Gentle non-ionic surfactants
  • Alcohol-free
  • Soap-free

    All Uriage HYSÉAC range are
    • comfort and hydration
    • pleasantly perfumed
    • not comedogenic
    • High tolerance
    • paraben free

    Ingredients List...

    This entry have been siting in my draft folder like "FOREVER" - I keep forgot to upload images and then hit publish!! [FAIL]  - So do Keep in mind that this review will be base on combination skin(which is my original skin complexion I have back then).

    As most of you already knew... my skin type have changed from combination oily skin to dry skin(my nose does feel a bit oily when I sweat or feeling warm and stuffy from our crazy humid weather).

    I believe that "Aging" plays a huge part in changing my skin condition - because our skin changes every 7yrs and from 25 onwards everything just going down....down... down.... (sign~)
    We need to depend on foods, fruits, water, vitamins, supplement and skincares to maintain "collagen" and keeping our skin balance and youthful.

    Enough of all the skin talks...
    Here's are my thoughts on Uriage HYSÉAC Rinse-Free Cleansing Lotion base on combination oily skin
    I use cleansing water every morning(or when I woke up) instead of normal cleanser.
    • Did not experience any break-out
    • No skin irritation
    • Feel pretty drying on my mild combination oily skin
    • Skin feel abit tight after using it for more then a week
    • Does dries up acne
    • Love the refreshing feel
    • Pores minimized a little bit.
    • skin texture feel much clearer and smoother
    • Does reduce abit of redness
    • reduce the chances of clogged pores
    • Does calm and soothe angry breakout
    After using it everyday for 2 weeks, my skin start to feel abit tight and drying - I find it abit strong for my mild combination skin.
    This would be most suitable for oily and acne prone skin (replacing normal scrub).

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