Skin79 O2 BB Cleanser (review)

Skin79 O2 BB Cleanser - A Cleansing foam for makeup with "double effcts" of two cleansing steps (makeup remover+cleanser)

One Shot bubble
Deep Moisture clean
Skin Detox Effect

SKIN79 02 BB Cleanser is a self-bubbling BB cleanser that offer a 6-in-1 effect.
  • It has a BRIGHTENING effect with 3 times more dense O2 Bubbletox system and the Maackia Fauriei & OBFN ingredients.
  • It contains the skin DETOX effect with micro O2 Bubble particles which clear up sebum and dead skin cells.
  • It offers ELASTICITY to the skin by supplying plenty of MOISTURE and creating a skin barrier with Chia seed and Oatmeal.
  • The self lifting massage with soft rolling effectively delivers the Acacia collagen ingredient to the skin with elasticity.
  • It is LOW IN STIMULATION with a Free Formula System, and contains no Parabens, Colour, and Pernicious ingredients from minerals or animals.
  • All Skin79 products are Eco-cert approved ingredients which relieve irritated skin from the external environment.

Ingredients list....

Here's how the BB Cleanser look like...

Pump out some and smooth it all over the face (in this entry... I demo on the back of my hand) This work on wet skin too. And within seconds.... the gel will turn into foam....

Lighty massage in circular motion to lift up dirt, bbcream(makeup) and dead skin cells with the bubbles... the more you massage the thicker the foam become. I like it cos I don't feel like I'm rubbing my skin(face). The thick foam is cushioning the fingers against the skin.

Zooming in on the foam...

Here's my thoughts on how I feel about this O2 BB Cleanser after trying this BB Cleanser for about a month...
  • Doesn't cause any skin irritation
  • No breaking out from using it
  • Skin doesn't feel too tight after cleansing
  • Skin feel smooth - abit moisturizing
  • Doesn't have the super squeaky clean feeling
  • Does cleanse off base makeup well (bbcreams and liquid foundations)
  • This bbcream cleanser also act well as a normal facial cleanser
  • It cleanse and doesn't make skin feel too drying
  • Suitable for all skin type even for dry skin.
  • Didn't notice any different on skin condition/texture - It feel the same on me.
    Well, it does look a little bit brighter after I pat dry my face.. but the effect wasn't that lasting.
  • Avoid eye's areas, cos it will sting the eyes!!!! >>OUCH<<
    [I tried it cos I'm cusious - it does remove eye makeup(except waterproof mascara)]
When I pump out the bb cleanser - the gel cleanser doesn't foam/bubble up on my palm - it will only "bubble" up once I spread it out on the skin(face).
On top of foundation/bbcream skin... the bubble/foam will become beige color (very amazing)... it feels like the bubble/foam is lifting up the foundation/bb cream off the skin.
If you are someone who love to wear only base makeup (like my sisters - foundation/bbcream ONLY), this would be a good makeup remover that will remove makeup and cleanse your face at the same time.
Skin79 02 BB Cleanser is now available in Watsons, Sasa, John Little & BHG
Retail Price: SD$24.90
Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with the company.
Product was provided for reviewing.