PUPA Milano New Launch - Mascara Vamp! + Luminys silk + Luminys Touch

Pupa will be launching 3 new product's ranges in May 2012.
A revolutionary mascara VAMP
A mascara with amazing effect without faslse lashes!

It said that VAMP will give the same exaggerated lashes and oversized volume for a show-stopping look, just like false eyelashes without the hassle.

Vamp provide....
  • Immediate false lashes effect
  • Extra thick and full lashes
  • Swipe after swipe, volume builds to extravagantly excessive levels
  • Extreme lashes
Come in 5 Spectacular shades and One Carbon Black shade.

[From left to right on the above image]
  • Vamp! Emerald Green
  • Vamp! Chocolate Brown
  • Vamp! Extraordinary Black
  • Vamp! Deep Night
  • Vamp! Amethyst Violet
  • Vamp! Electric Blue
I tried the Emerald Green at the bloggers' session and I love how bright and pigmentated the mascara look on my lashes... When I reach home, NO smudges at all!

Not too sure is it because I wore the Emerald green on top of my black waterproof mascara and the color adhesive well on the lashes??? I really can't say much cos I didn't tried the colored mascara on normal day basis.

On the other hands..  the black one that I got (which was included in the press kit) smudges on me  :( Anyway, the review of the Black Vamp! Mascara will be up soon... (I just need to try it on afew more time)

(Please excuse the liner on my waterline... it fade/washes off after a day OUT - took this pic when I'm at home around midnight)

Vamp! Mascara
Retail Price : SD$35 each
PUPA Luminys Silk
PUPA New and improved formula for a bright eye, glamorous look

Fresh off the fashion runways of Milan, PUPA brings to the palette, the latest, most fashionable colors for a glamorous look that comes in a complete and explosive color range.

Beside incorporating the latest colors, a brand new satin formula was developed to achieve that bright eyed, glamorous look with a hint of sexines easily!

With a light texture that is soft and velvety to touch, Luminys Silk gives an elegant and sophisticated makeup result.

Updated formula
Luminys Silk gives that OMPH in color: Bright, intense and luminous with its updated formula of tiny pearls embedded in eyeshadow for an elegant satin effect.

Wet & Dry dual purpose
As with all PUPA eyeshdows, they can be applied both wet or dry for different makeup results::
- Dry - Gives eyes an elegant and sophisticated look
- Wet - Color appears deep and bright
Available in 10 shades...

A random eyeshadows I took at the bloggers' session

Here's are the swatches...

The pink is look GOOD~
PUPA Luminys Silk eyeshadow
Retail Price :: SD$26 each
PUPA Luminys Touch
Complexion Highlighter with Radiant Effect Treatment

Luminys Touch is the new complexion highlighter that bestows immediate brightness and glow to the shaded areas of the face, where skin looks dull and not very vital.

It's a touch of light that blends on the skin, minimizing and correcting dark circles and signs of fatigue around the eyes, giving you a young, fresh and relaxed look to the face, eyes and lips.

Soft focus powder complex was added to reflect light to give flawless makeup to minimized under eye circle and signs of tiredness -  A complete beauty action that helps improve face brightness.

  • Low allergy risk
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Paraben Free
Enriched with Pro-ligh biocomplex - a precious blend of 5 plant extracts, rich in flavonoids and saponosides that provides::
  • Microcirculation
Boosts peripheral microcirculation and decreases capillaries permeability, reducing dark circles, water eye bags, red splotches, spider veins and couperose.
Decrease of dark eye circles and signs of aging.
  • Soothing Action
Overall skin soothing and calming effect on inflamed spots.
All day long action : Actives are gradually released on the skin in their pure and uncorrupted form.
[Click to enlarge]

Comes in 3 shades.. (Opps!! One extra in the shot below)
01 Luminous Ivory
02 Luminous Sand
03 Luminous Peach

Oops!! I forgot to swatch this at the bloggers' session~ (I will try to edit in swatches soon)

PUPA Luminys Touch
Retail Price :: SD$33.00
Here are some of the pictures from the bloggers session at Senso Ristorante and Bar.


Makeup demo by Giorgio Forgani [Pupa International Celebrity Makeup Artist]

I love LOVE the salad!!! The sun dried tomatoes was awesome.. I means YUMMY!!!

I had a makeover with Giorgio Forgani the next day... and OMY~ My face hardly look this matte before!! I means, I always wear sheer coverage foundation or bbcream... and I really need time to get used to a full coverage foundation!

Why do I always look awkward when someone else is taking the pic??? (I think I'm smiling at the photographer instead of the len????? lolx)

See.. I look much better on self -shot! lolx

The press kit (the red poka dots box) and goodies I received...


I will play around with these makeup and come up with some basis LOTDs.
PUPA will be available @
BHG Bugis Junction,
John little,
Metro Woodland,
Sasa cosmetics,
TARA Apothecary,
Pink Beauty @ Tao Payoh, Westmall and Ang Mo Kio, Iluma and leading Perfumeries.
Will be available in all of the above outlets by September 2012
Check out their facebook page :: www.facebook.com/pupasg
Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with the company.
Information and images were extracted from press file and from google