Leaders Clinic MEDIEU Sensitive Sun cream SPF50+ PA+++ (Review)

Leaders Clinic MEDIEU Sensitive Sun cream(with SPF50+ PA+++) is a light, creamy makeup base with UV protection that penetrate the skin for moisture and protects the skin from harmful UV rays all day.

Its SPF 50+, PA+++ protection provides adequate shield against UV A, B and effectively protects the skin for indoor or outdoor activities. Deeply moisturize your skin with soft & creamy texture.
  •  It is water resistance and has long lasting effect.
    And because it is non-greasy or sticky, particles such as sand does not stick to the skin making it perfect for the beach or other outdoor activities.
  •  Safe for use on young children and people with sensitive skin.
  •  It’s naturally corrects the skin tone and can be use as a makeup base.
  • The light texture makes it feel more like a moisturizer and not a sunblock.
  •  Does not cause the skin to have white overcast after applying.
  •  A heavy duty sun protection that feels light on your skin.
Giving you all the protection needed while you have your outdoor Fun!

Ingredients list...

The shade of this tinted suncream is abit warm pinkish [The above pic look abit wash off by the harsh lighting)

On my cheek...  I donno why it look beige on my cheek (Blame it on the lighting and my camera! kekekekeee)

The tinted sun cream blended into my skin nicely and it does even out my complexion. But the warm pink tone in this tinted suncream just make my face look abit darker after awhile.
I will to use a piece of tissue to blot off the excess serum/pigment. The pigment will transfer over to the tissue and my skin will look like I didn't apply anything.

Here my thoughts on the Leaders Clinic MEDIEU Sensitive Sun cream with SPF50+ PA+++
Have been trying this on and off for more then 3 months now.
  • Quite moisturizing(I can skin moisturizer with this suncream)
  • Feel quite soothing on the skin
  • The texture of the suncream was creamy and moist.
  • Doesn't feel heavy nor thick on the skin (lightweight)
  • Easy to spread around the face
  • Feels abit greasy and took awhile to fully absorb into the skin.
  • Doesn't feel sticky
  • Does even out uneven complexion
  • Doesn't provide much coverage
  • It does become abit redish on my skin (oxidise on me)
  • The color from this tinted suncream is transferable (I normally use a piece of tissue to dap off the excess serum/pigment)
  • It's tinted, so no white cast on the face
  • Not flakey nor causing any residue
  • Doesn't cause any skin irritation nor break-out
  • Doesn't brighten up my complexion (which I would love to have in a makeup base or tinted suncream)
  • When layer, it won't change the formula of the bbcream/foundation.
  • No say on the oil control section, cos my skin's kinda dry....
  • My skin didn't feel tight nor dry after a few hours.... (which I will experiences with waterproof sunblock)
  • My skin doesn't burn after staying long hours outdoor under the hot sun.
I like the formula of this sun cream, but I don't quite like the "tinted" part, cos it just add more "red" on my already redish skin.  I still prefer sunblock/sunscreen to be clear, white or lightly tinted (just to brighten and not providing any "shade")

 I didn't use any foundation after the suncream, just set it with a loose powder.

I'm not affiliated with the company, product was provided for reviewing.
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