Monday, June 25, 2012

Heroine Make Princess Ball - Blogger's event

Weeks ago attended the Heroine Make Princess Ball party held at the Heroine Makee's office... A party to try out their eye's products (New and improved version)

At the pretty "reception" table, we each received a charm bracelet with our own initial and also getting our "eye" measured. (We came with "zero" eye's makeup)

I got "square" eye... lolx 1.5cm by 3cm!

I have afew similar bracelets lying around! kekekkee... but I don't mine adding more into my "collection".

The princess room - aka: meeting room! Kekekekkekee

Boxes of.....

Cupcake, mini donuts and marshmallow....

The is MINE~ lolx

Verlyn and Me with "Zero" eye makeup (Just sunblock and bbcream on me)

Below are a list of the products from Heroine Made available in Singapore ....
BB Creams...

Finishing face powders
My sis have tried these powder and she commented that they feel pretty nice, average oil control and it gave a nice soft finishing.

Heroine Made Eyelash curler

Heoine Make Mascara Remover and double eyelid's stickers.

Heroine Made Mascara remover (Price : 14.90)

More power(Stands well against stubborn mascaras)
Cares and conditions the lashes
Gentle and non-stinging to eyes

Heroine Made liquid liners

Heroine Made have 3 types of Mascaras... that gives different effects.

New and Improved Mascaras

(I've tried the lengthing mascara before.. NOT bad!!!)

Long & Curl Mascara (Price: SD$21.90)

Lengthening up! 120%
Long lasting Curls
Non-smudge, waterproof
Shinier and darker

Volume and Curl Mascara (Price : SD$ 21.90)

More volume, 130% Up!
Long lasting Curls
Non-smudge, waterproof
Shinier and darke

I've tried this mascara, Ming help me to get one from Hongkong! Loving the effect and everythings... BUT this smudges so badly on me!! Was wondering whether I got a bad copy :( ... cos Ming say she doesn't have any problems on smudges!!!!!

The goodies we received ~

After eyeliner and mascara (Oops!! I forgot to take a close up shot!!) And sadly, they didn't tell us(gave us back the card) the masurement ...

Nevermind, I will recreate a basic look by using Heroine made liner and mascara soon on seperate entry.

It's a really simple girly party... I do enjoy it ^_^

Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with the company.