Hadatuko Kinushiro Hada Lifting Eye Cream

Hadatuko Kinushiro Hada Lifting Eye Cream - a highly moisturizing and nourishing eyecream which can drastically improve the lines and wrinkles around the eye area, leaving it looking radiant.

Sasa Singapore recently launched a new brand Hadatuko Kinushiro Hada. A skincare line created especially for Asian women to maintain skin’s natural youthful state.

Designed for the more mature ladies and fortified with luxurious active ingredients which offers groundbreaking performance in quenching skin's thirst, improving fine lines and elasticity.

This collection resembles a key to the youth, helping the skin to travel back in time, leaving it looking younger, more translucent and firmer than ever before.

All Hadatuko Kinushiro Hada products contain these 5 unique natural ingredients....
  • Callicarpa Japonica Fruit Extract
Uniquely Japanese, this fruit extract maintains skin’s moisture and prevents harmful environmental components from harming the skin.
  • Hydrolyzed Silk
Water-soluble protein extracted from silk worm cocoons that helps to retain skin’s moisture.
  • Alpinia Speciosa Leaf Extract
Fills skin with moisture and maintains firmness and elasticity.
  • Saxifraga Sarmentosa Extract
An oriental herb known for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties; has obvious whitening functions to prevent the activation of Tyrosinase and suppress melanin formation.
  • Mt. Fuji Water
Pure, fresh water with pH 7.5 that is directly drawn from deep beneath Mt. Fuji, helps to moisturize deeply with the precious minerals that helps to tone the skin.
Ingredients list...

The texture of the eyecream

The eyecream feel rather moist even though it does have abit of the oily feel.

My thoughts on the Hadatuko Kinushiro Hada Lifting Eye CreamAfter using it for a few weeks
  • Creamy and moisturizing
  • Feel Soothing and it does ease my itchy upper eyelids (the issue I always have)
  • It does feel abit greasy 
  • easy to spread around the eye's areas.
  • It does minimize the fine lines around the under eyes
  • Fine lines look less dry and become abit shorter in length
  • Under eyes does abit more radiant
  • didn't cause any irritation
  • Even though the eyecream was pretty rich in the "oil" department, it doesn't causes any milia seeds around the eye (skin) areas.
  • Rich but feel lightweight on the skin.
When I first apply the eyecream on the skin(around the eye's areas), it feel refreshing and soothing (can feel the instant boost of hydration) ... after patting in the eyecream (melting/absorbed) into the skin, it leave a nice silky type of greasy film on the skin. This doesn't bothers me, because, I love super hydrating and rich eyecream.
Even thought, my skin have became abit dry (more like normal/dry combination skin - abit oily on the nose).. the skin around my eyes still feel pretty much the same.
I do enjoy using this eyecream, but not so much on the price (lolx)
BUT comparing to a good decent rich eyecream for mature skin, the price was quite reasonable.
Price: SD$75.00 [20g]
Available exclusively at Sa Sa Cosmetics.
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I'm not affiliated with SASA nor Hadatuko Kinushiro Hada.
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All review base on my own experiences after trying out for a period of time.