Shu Uemura New Luxurious Cleanser - Ultime8 Cleansing Oil

(Product Introduction)

Shu Uemura will be launching a new Luxurious cleansing oil for supreme skin quality with 8 botanical oils and 8 Skincare benefits to their huge collection of cleansing oils  -The new Ultime8 Cleansing oil.

Mr Shu Uemura often said that he wanted to be a swordsmith, polishing iron repeatedly to create an excellent sword. He applied the same belief with the new Ultime8 cleansing oil - reaching the pinnacle of luxurious cleansing.

For this, scientists at the shu uemura research centre have successfully combined science, nature and art to create its new Ultime8 sensation.

The secret behind Ultime8 lies in its ingredients which contain 8 carefully selected botanical oils - Olive, jojoba, ginger root, corn, soy bean, shea butter, safflower and camellia.

For more than a decade, the shu uemura research center searched for a golden combination of ingredients from several tens of thousands of oils.

The goal: a fine and light texture that doesn’t compromise powerful cleansing ability and skincare benefits. With an incredible richness and smoothness that is light on skin, this inimitable and exclusive texture provides beautiful comfort that wraps your skin with pleasure.

Inflused with a cashmere texture and delivately lifts the tougest makeup and impurities off the skin while the premier botanical oils penetrate deep into the skin layers to awaken and revitalise skin cells giving you the perfect canvas.

8 herbal floral notes to awaken our senses
Like a veil, skin is enwrapped in a luxurious fragrance that is unsurpassed while stubborn impurities are simply washed away. ultime8 is designed with 8 herbal floral notes to awaken your senses.
  • Fresh opening top note – Rosemary Blossom and Provence Aspic
  • Elegant middle note - floral-driven heart freesia encased with theheart of the peony
  • Blissful finishing note - Powdery Musk and soothing Blue Cedar

Ultime8 joins the famous shu uemura cleansing oil family and has already won accolades from 49 Asian women. With more joining their fold to give glowing testimonies to visibly improved skin after their first use of ultime8.
Feedback from the 49 Asian women surveyed showed 8 skincare benefits::
  • 88% said their skin felt revitalized
  • 98% said their skin looks more refined
  • 94% said their skin feels smoother
  • 94% said their skin feels more supple
  • 90% said their skin looks more radiant
  • 90% said their skin feels nourished
  • 92% said their skin is moisturized
  • 90% said their skin looks more translucent

I received a bottle of 150ML ultime8 cleansing oil in the press kit, will be trying that out for a period of time - wait for my review :)

Ingredients list...

150ml - SD$65
450ml - SD$170

The new luxurious ultime8 cleansing oil wil be available at all shu uemura beauty counters island wide from July 2012.

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