Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Shu Uemura 2012 Summer - Color atelier collection

This summer, Shu uemura color atelier will be launching 19 new eye colors, giving limitless possibilities of creating sparkling eye makeup story. This brings the eye shadow catalogue to a total of 71 spectrums of colors. (WOW!)

The new season colors are inspired by the reflections on the surfaces of lakes in summer as they transform into tranquil mirrors - each new color promises tempting combinations to play around with wherever your mood takes you. Whether it  demure girly innocence, romantic and alluring, or sparkly hot and smoldering.
With 2 brand new textures
  • Chiffon soft and silky texture that glides on long lasting sparkles in a single sweep; or
  • Cream texture with new surface smoothing techology to define or prime your eyes.

[Click to enlarge]

Alongside of the new colors is the launch of the stretch extreme precise finish waterproof mascara, iconic eyelash curler in 24k gold body, glitter liquid liner, color pencils and a new limited edition casing.

Swatches for the drawing Pencil in Copper Brown and Olive...

Swatches for the Liquid glitter liner in Sparkling Silver and Sparkling Gold...

Close up on the new 19 colors -  including the 2 brand new textures (Chiffon soft and silky texture and Creamy texture)

G135 and IR115 <3<3<3 (Lately, I'm in love with "pink" eyeshadow shade!!!)

[Click to enlarge]

G251 - Deep rose gold <3<3<3<3

All the new colors are so pretty right?!?! I think I'm going to haul some where it launch in June
Below are the Chiffon soft and silky texture swatches...

These silk smooth eye shadow feel abit silicon-y... very smooth and doesn't feel chunky at all! These look much smoother and glowly/glittery when I swatched it... My camera kills the glam!! (lolx)

Creamy texture swatches...

The purple, bronzy brown and olive green... me likey...
All these creamy eyeshadows feel abit more moist as compare to their previous cream shadows(that was in jar form).. it took awhile to set.. best to apply eyeshadow on top to set it.

Below are some shots I took at the media launch event for Color atelier and Utlime 8 Cleansing oil.

The press kit...

Chiffon soft and silky texture in G909, New color G641 and Glow on blush in P541

Can't wait to play with the colors... Me loving the "seafoam" blue shades..

The new collection will be launched at all Shu Uemura beauty counters from June 2012
Pressed Eyeshadow refill - SD$22.00
Casing - SD$22.00
Extreme Precise Finish waterproof mascara - SD$50
Limited Edition 24K Gold eyelash curler - SD$32
Glow On blush refill - SD$33.00
Drawing Pencil - SD$34.00
Liquid Glitter liner - SD$36
(Price stated are in Singapore Dollars)
More about Shu Uemura Color atelier - [ Click ]

Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with Shu uemura
Images and information were extracted from press file.