MAVALA The "Suger Free" Lip Gloss Collection

(Product introduction + Swatches)

Last Month, MAVALA released Sugar Free collection - 5 new shades of pigmented lipglosses.
The "Suger Free" Lip Gloss Collection has been created to match the MINI Nail Polish Collection, "Delicious Color's"(swatches), for a tasty mix.

For ultra-shiny lips, with thousands of reflections from particles of mother-of-pearl. This lip gloss is rich, ultra-shiny, but non-sticky. Thanks to its ingredients, lips are well protected.

Key ingredients
  • Grape seed oil
    enriched with vitamins, mineral salts and oligo-elements, but also with polyphenols, which are vitamin E enriched molecules: reinforce the natural protection of the lips effectively fighting free radical scavenger, which are responsible for 80% of skin's pre-mature ageing.
  • Combination of emollient esters and grape seed oilsmoothing, regenerating and nourishing.
  • Tiny Shimmering particles
  • Vanilla flavoured

The lip gloss is house in a 6ML transparent tube with foam applicator

Swatches in various lighting...[With and without flash]

Below are all Lip swatches...
Red - it suppose to be red (chilly red).. and it look so diluted on my lip swatches :(

I don't really fancy wearing "red" lip shade cos it always look messy on me! lolx

Nude shade

Cool tone hotpink shade

The "no flash" lip swatches above were taken under fluorescent lighting at night.. The one below was without flash under natural daylight. (Should look like blue tone hotpink) 

GrapefruitIt has a hint of pink undertone

Bare face with lip gloss only....

This suppose to be abit darker, but the color has been wash off by the strong day lighting and flash :(
(Refer to above swatches on the back of my hand)

Blackcurrent(purple) should be alot intense and darker as compare to bubblegum(hotpink) but on the above swatches... Bubblegum look much darker :(

I don't quite know why, maybe because of the lighting?!?!?!?! I took all swatches on different days(afternoon/morning/evening and night)

I just took aset of the lip swatches for blackcurrent - cos the above swatches look really wash off!!!!
(these 3 pics were taken at night under fluorescent lighting - set my camera setting for fluorescent also)

The available MAVALA lip gloss shades..

Price: SD$19.90 (each)
Available at BHG Century Square, Metro Woodlands, Tara apothecary, Pink Beauty and leading perfumeries.

Products were provided by MAVALA and all information was extracted from the press release.

I'm no affiliated with MAVALA
The first image ->> The pouch that came with the set of lip-glosses are press-sample kit(Not for sale)