LUSH No Drought Dry Shampoo (Review)

Saw this NO Drought Dry Shampoo @ LUSH last month when I attended the small and cozy little LUSH bloggers' party at their store.... and I have to get it!!

I love using dry shampoo, cos my hair always look so greasy and FLAT after being outside for about 2-3hrs. And this dry shampoo smell so good... crtrus-y and refreshing scent - smell like grapefruit!

What is Dry Shampoo
It a gentle leave-in powder shampoo that absorbs oil and product build-up from hair and scalpp. Perfect for reviving flat hair, adding volume, texture and also refresh your hair.

How to use
Apply to roots, bangs(fringe) or all-over(from crown to mid length) to “wash” your hair , without water.

The packaging was very different compare to alot of dry shampoos in the market. Mostly are those squeeze spray bottle(non-aerosol) or aerosol can spray.

Finely milled powder...

I just pour abit of the powder on my palm.... rub it between my palm before smoothing it over my hair and on areas that look greasy. It will take away the shine(the greasy type of shine) and make it look fresh and puffy.

Doesn't need to use alot, just apply section by section - mostly I apply on both side of my head, some on the crown of the head and the fringe to take away the shine.

It does give some volume and making hair look fresh and puffy.... 

Not those super crazy type of huge volume..... Just look quite natural.

The only down side was that the soft matte hair doesn't last long - it oils up and become flat after afew hours... So it's best to carry this (or transfer over to a small bottle) in the bag. Once I feel that my hair start to look abit oily, I apply some to take away the shine(greasy).

This dry shampoo doesn't make the hair texture feel super matte(dry) that made it hard to run fingers thru the hair . Most dry shampoo will made hair strands feel too matte and the powder will clogged the scalp pores if I used too much. I have no problems in this ares when I use No Drought Dry Shampoo.

This is a powder, so it does look abit white on the hair, but after smoothing out and combing the hair using fingers(or comb/brush).. the white powdery color will fade off.

Price: SD$25.00
Available at LUSH @ Wisma