Sunday, May 20, 2012

ESSILOR The New Technology Against Fog - Optifog Lens

In March Essilor launches their 1st High Performance Anti-Fog Lenses - OPTIFOG.
Was invited down last month for a complimentary eye check, prescribe Optifog lenses and spectacle or sunglass frame.... I don't have any eye problem just astigmatism and it wasn't serious (I wanna think so, because (=___=)  I hardly need any glasses!). Anyway. recently(I means before I received the invite), I have been thinking about getting my eyes checked and this invite came at the right timing! Yesh! kekekke

[Here are the information extracted from the press file]

Out of 1.6 billion eyeglass wearers worldwide, an overwhelming 75% - 1 have indicated a desire for anti-fog solution for their lenses to improve their vision. For eyeglass wearers, fog on the lens is a visual hindrance that interferes with daily life. As a solution to this issue, ophthalmic optics world leader Essilor has created Optifog, the 1st high performance and durable anti-fog eyeglass lenses.
When fog is formed, it becomes an unexpected blindfold, greatly compromising the clarity of vision. Resulting from quick cold-to-hot temperature changes in humid environments, it can obstruct vision in many different situations.

In a warm climate like Singapore’s, fog can be a particular problem for eyeglass wearers in everyday life. For instance, when coming out of a cold environment like air-conditioned offices or vehicles, shopping malls, or cinemas; when doing household chores like cooking or emptying the dishwasher; or when drinking hot beverages or eating hot foods, all of which are commonly encountered examples of when fog can occur on lenses.
It may also be a persistent problem in many working environments, especially those in which safety or precision are a priority, such as surgeons wearing masks or workers with protective goggles. People who engage in sports also tend to face the frustration of clouded lenses as it obscures their vision and affects performances or experiences.

OptiFog activator
This little tube can last up to 6months.
Price: SD$5.00 each box

Easy to activate the Optifog on Optifog lenses....

[Note: All water base liquid will remove Optifog Activator from the Optifog lens. Simply just reactivate the lens by using the above 3 steps]

When combined with this concentrate, the hydrophilic properties of the lens’ top layer prevent fog from appearing. Hence, when water droplets of fog form, they are perfectly spread over the lens surface, creating a uniform film of water invisible to the wearer.

The anti-fog molecules also durably retain the concentrate, further preventing fog from appearing for up to one week, under normal conditions. The advanced technology helps to efficiently and immediately repel fog on the lens, ensuring better vision and long-lasting relief from this common annoyance for eyeglass wearers.

The anti-fog coating of Optifog lenses coated/activated with Optifog activator will preventing fog from appearing for up to ONE week.

On this big round lens, Only half of the lens was activated with Optifog activator....

After steaming.... the (left of the len) was fog free!! Amazing right??

Apart from bringing perfect and durable protection against fog, the premium ophthalmic lens is also associated with maximum protection against other vision enemies such as scratches or glare.

Optifog is suitable for individuals with all types of vision correction needs and can be adapted to different styles and personal taste.

Optifog is available in clear and tinted sunglass lenses, and can be requested in the option of polarised or Transitions lenses. With its multiple possibilities, Optifog will suit all types of lifestyles and uses, providing a versatile vision solution.

Got my eyes checked and everythings else at IEC Integrated Eyecare Centre located at VIVO City,
The eyecare centre was pretty spacious and bright.

This is the pair of sunglasses that I've pick  (Nothing too fancy) - Brand "FILA"

Activating the Optifog activator on my tinted Optifog lens...

Drop and gently wipe with the mircofiber cloth provided - very easy and simply to activate the optifog lens.

I wore it out for quite many times now ...

Walking in and out of Shopping malls/air-conditioning places/buses in recently super HOT and HUMID weathers and I didn't experience any fogging!!! The lenses feel and look the same as I just cleanse it!

Take note::
OptiFog Activator only works with Optifog lenses - it won't work with any other ordinary lenses.

For more Optifog information, visit and

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