Thursday, April 05, 2012

Tsubaki Head Spa

Tsubaki Head Spa line cultivates beautiful, shiny hair from the scalp, leading to a healthy and moisturized scalp through a combination of natural essential oil*. This new range will be an "add on" to the existing shining range(red bottle) and damage care range(white bottle)

[*Marigold, rose, cinnamon, geranium, mango, honey, olibanum, litchi, patchouli, tangerine, orange flower, muguet, leurel leaf, cognac oil, vetiver, musk, ceder wood, sandalwood, jasmine, bergamot and vanilla]

Instead of using silicon like most commerical hair cleansing products (Shampoo and conditioner). Tsubaki are formulated with high purity Tsubaki oil EX mixtures*.(A penetrating repair ingredient that creates shiny hair from tip to end.)

[*High purity tsubaki oil EX(Hair maintenance ingredient): Camellia reticulata Lindl seed oil,hydroxyethyl urea, PA/MA copolymer]

Tsubaki Head Spa Shampoo

Cultivates beautiful, shiny hair through scalp cleaning, moisturizing.Deeply cleans all impurities while gently caring for the scalp and hair.
Its rich, creamy foam spreads throughout the hair and scalp. The shine sensor mechanism creates shiny hair that is flexible and together all the way to its tips. Washes away with a faint cool feeling and defends against dandruff.
[Note:::: For me normally, I need about 3-5days to know whether a shampoo work "OK" on me... and about 2 weeks to know whether I can keep using it or need to rotate with another oil-control shampoo.]

I have been using this for "almost" 2 weeks now(start using on 24th March 2012), and it work "GREAT" on me!! I like that it foam up really well and lather nicely and foamy on my hair/scalp.
Really(I means really really really) cleanse my oily scalp!!!
  • I have a habit of using dry shampoo and it always clogged my pores .. normal shampoo doesn't cleanse really well and while using Tsubaki shampoo, but I didn't experience any serious clogged pores! ^___^

  • Scalp doesn't oils up easily (Will still look and feel abit oily in the evening.. but hair doesn't look too flat on the crown- this is good enough for me)

  • When rinising off the shampoo, hair(not scalp) doesn't feel like the streaky clean type of feel (not drying) like most organic shampoo does- It feel nice and at the same time, scalp doesn't feel stuffy. (I do notice a faint cooling sensation.. but not too strong - sometimes I don't feel anything at all!)

  • And when hair was dry... hair feel smooth(without using the conditioner), but the tips does feel abit dry.

  • Scalp doesn't feel itchy from dryness, some really good oil control shampoo will cause scalp to feel dry and abit itchy in aircon room and gets abit oily the next day. (Conflicting right? Trying to control oil, but too drying causes more sebum and itchyness!! Hai~)
I should take a pic of the shampoo.. cos it's really GOLD in color (NOT yellow!!!!) (I will edit in later in the day)
  • Aromatic Floral scent (My sis doesn't like it and she find that this shampoo was abit too drying on her super dry scalp/hair). I have sinus and sometimes, I don't smell anything when I'm washing my hair [blocked nose is very "sian"(tiring)]

Price: SD$19.90 [550ML]

Ingredients list....

Tsubaki Head Spa Conditioner

Cultivates beautiful, shiny hair through scalp cleaning, moisturizing.
Thick, smooth liquid pervades the scalp and hair, making the scalp soft and hair flexible.
The shine sensor mechanism creates shiny hair that is flexible and together all the way to its tips.
The conditioner doesn't look and feel like normal conditioner!! Be careful when you rinise your hair... the floor might feel abit oily(but it's not those oil type of oily that was so hard to wash/rinise off)... It feel much light in texture as compare to normal conditioner... but it does condition the hair very well with just a tiny amount.

When I use the conditioner, it doesn't cause my hair to oil up easily. I like the feel of this conditioner, but not so much to use it everyday (I don't like toooooooo flat hair)... I skip using conditioner once or twice a week... or simply just use it on my hair tips(not more the 3cm)
It does make my hair look more straight and neat.. but it also flaten the hair around my crown... not too fond of it.

Price: SD$19.90 [550ML]

Ingredients list...

Tsubaki Head Spa Extra Cleansing

Detox treatment for your scalp!
Deeply cleanses dirt and styling residue that has accumulated on scalp, using oil cleansing ingredients. 

It refreshes the oily scalp. Cultivates beautiful, shiny hair through the effects of Head Spa's scalp cleaning, moisturizing, and flexibility ingredients.
Gentle cooling effect that tightens the scalp.
For best result, use once a week coupled with Tsubaki Hair mask".

Personally, I'm more interested in this!!
I'm "seriously" love anything that can deep cleanse my scalp - as most of you have already knew that I have super oily and abit sensitive scalp... and the "saying" of this product sound really "cool" and interesting (atleast for me la). 

BUT, I still haven't try this yet! Because, I wanna try shampoo and conditioner first. To see whether it works well on my oily scalp(and abit dry on the hair's tip). After-all we only use Head Spa Extra Cleansing once or every 2 weeks(depend on your scalp condition)... so trying out the shampoo and conditioner first sound more logic to me(lolx)

Anyway, I will edit in the review on this after I try it out for a few times (I'm going to use this once per week... and slowly increase or decrease the usage depend on my scalp condition.)
I'm happy that the price for this was really reasonable!!

Price: SD$15.90 [280 ML]

Ingredients list.....

Tsubaki Head Spa Mask

Leads to ‘reborn’ beautiful, shiny hair by encouraging blood flow through massage. Thick, smooth liquid pervades the scalp and hair, making the scalp soft and smooth hair. It changes from warm to cool after use.

Haven't use this yet... will be using this together with the Head Spa Extra Cleansing oil (Will edit in the review after a few weeks). But it does sound really nice right... A scalp mask and the aroma will help to de-stress and unwind the mind and body. (Hopefully when I'm using this.. I can smell it.. hahahhaaa)

Price: SD$22.90 [180g]

Tsubaki now has improved their formula containing "Natural Tsubaki oil" from highly-selected Tsubaki oil... Re-formula also come with a new packaging.....

All Tsubaki range will be available exclusively at Watsons in April 2012

Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with Shiseido Tsubaki. Products were provided. All reviews were base on my experiences.