Monday, April 09, 2012

Talika Skin retouch - The instant retouching Fluid

(New launch)
Talika will be launching Skin Retouch (photo retouch effect) - The instant retouching Fluid in April 2012.

Attended the media launch at Fullerton Hotel on 12th March.

That's Mr Francois Henri Jacques Laurent (Talika Marketing Director) presentating the launch.

Anti-aging treatment: Adenosine
>>> Adenosine is absorbed deep into skin layers, triggering the hyper-production of collagen in the body
>>> An advance new-generation cosmetic ingredient, recognized by official health institutions as effective against wrinkles
>>> Proven safe and effective for use night and day, unlike other wrinkle inhibitors Vitaminc C and Retinol, which lose effectiveness with exposure to light and heat

Whitening treatment: Bisabolol
>>> Highly purified, natural aplha-bisabolol(>97%) from ancient medical Brazilian tree, Candeia.
>>> Inhibits pigmentation process by interfering with melanin production and tyrosinase activity.
>>> Safe for long-term usage with no adverse side effects.

A gel like consistency - when first spreading out, it feel quite moist - after 30secs(or when it dry).. skin feel silicon-y velvety smooth and OMY.. it does look like photoshopped!! Not too sure how it will look like on the face (haven't try it yet)... but it does make the skin on the back of my hand and fingers... look so flawless!

Note: This primer cannot be use together with liquid nor cream foundation. Only work with powder or 2 way cake foundations.

This is an introduction post, review will be up once I try it out for a period of time.

Since we are around Singapore river... we took some random pics ...

Oh well, these goofy salca can be taken at any other places! lolx

Disclaimer: Informations and images were extracted from the press file, product was provided.
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