Friday, April 06, 2012

Random online purchased

I haven't been hauling much (Ahem* that's what I like to think so) and I hardly blog about the stuff I got... Well, I still do but very selective~ lolx
Anyway, recently... I joined a drugstore spree (when they are having 20% off) and Ming(miwitch) tag along too :b

Foundations and brushes that we can't get in Singapore! [Not all are mine... half of them belong to Ming]

I ordered 3 foundations... Check out the shades.. this are all their lightest shade and Instant Age rewind look so pinkish and abit dark from the bottle (I tried it, and it's abit warm.. but doesn't make me look like a lobster)

Maybelline FIT ME is a perfect match.. but the coverage was so sheer that I don't feel like I was applying anything.. but I do like the dewy finishing and it does even out my complexion.
I havent try the Loreal Magic smooth souffle yet...

The sponge can be remove (I didn't use that.. lolx.. I just turn and click out the foundation from the tube)

Got some brushes too... all feel sooooooooooo soft! <3

These kabuki are abit smaller then I've imagined.. but not too tiny like baby kabuki la...

I got these 3 item recently (I will do a seperate swatch post on the UD Naked2)

I did got some Lancome, Ettusais, Rachel K CC cream (those were part of my last year's Christmas presents) and some random makeup item from my sisters.

Most of the time, I just buy random skincare products (especially facial spa water mist), cleansing water, cleansing oil and re-purchase of shampoo, moisturizer and other random body lotions. (Not so exciting... )
So do you all hav
e any impulse hauling???