Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Foundation (Review)

A very basic LOTD post featuring Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Foundation...

  • The foundation feel abit sheer with buildable coverage (up to medium coverage)

  • Dewy finishing.

  • Very moisturizing

  • When I first apply the foundation, it feel really smooth abit like serum. Doesn't have the consistency of a liquid nor cream foundation.

  • Very easy to spread around the face.
  • Doesn't feel thick nor sticky.. (lightweight)
  • I like the texture alot... almost like the foundation unfused with serum and silicon - but without the greasy type of smoothness and thickness. I should say the foundation feel like a primer with coverage coverage.
  • Shade wise
    Has a hint of red undertone, kinda like bbcream type of red tint (not those blue pink type tint) .. it doesn't look too dark/warm on my skin, but I just wish that they have a brighter shade so that my skin would look brighter.
I used to have combination skin (abit oily) but for these few months, my skin feel more like combination dry skin (it doesn't oil up when I'm outside the whole day and it will start to feel tight after awhile).

BUT, is getting better and better, all thanks to Belif ^_^
Now it just feel like normal skin with abit of sebum around nose, chin and forehead (and feel abit dry after cleansing - no more painful and tight feeling(Yeah!)). 

Normally, I just use a piece of tissue to lightly dap over the areas where I feel abit oily.

Personally, I feel that this foundation are more suitable for adult skin(all skin type). As for teens who have combination skin, this might feel abit too rich(in moisturizing).


Products used

The Face Shop Natural Sun Shaking AQ base sun milk (Review)
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Foundation in 120 Creamy Ivory
Lancome Teint Miracle Loose Powder 01
MAC Improvise mineralize blush
Makeup Forever Eye Prime
Shu uemura cream shadow in White
Makeup Forever La Boheme Eyeshadow Palette (swatches)
(using the peach and brown)
La Boheme Aqua eye pencil
K-palette Lasting 2way eyebrow in Honey Brown(02)
Kate Brow's mascara in LB-1
Lancome Dolly eyes mascara
MAVALA Lip gloss in Litchi(27)

Products in blue font were provided by the company.

Swatches taken with flash... Mavala lipgloss in Litchi (27)

I will be posting a entry on all new 6 shades of Mavala lipglosses soon!! The pigmentation of the lipgloss is amazing and it doesn't feel too sticky!

Taken with flash

Do you all have any favourite foundation that you can't get it in Singapore??