Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara (Review)

In March 2012 Lancôme launched their most flirtatious Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara.
A volumized, extended and full lash fringe mascara for a wide-eye look. It is also Lancôme's first fragranced mascara, scented with light notes of Jasmine Petals, Turkish Rose and Magnolia.

With its sinuous curves, the Hypnôse Doll Eyes’ vial is an emphatically feminine object of desire. Its signature style? Silver and pink calligraphic lettering with an embellishment representing a shower of rose petals, Lancôme’s symbolic flower.

The new, unique, cone-shaped brush provides an extremely smooth and clean application, precisely defining even your hard-to-reach corners and lower lashes.

Combined with the exclusively developed FiberShineTM formula, it sculpts, curls and loads each lash for the ultimate shiny lash fringe. Lift and thicken every single lash without weighing it down. Push up your lashes for your most flirty, wide open eye look.

Volumized, Extended, Lifted lashes
Wide-Eye Effect
Flirtatious lash fringe for a bold, curved and clump-free finish
Precise, separated corner and bottom lashes

New unique cone-shaped brush for an extremely smooth application, perfect for hard-to-reach corner and bottom lashes
Nylon bristles combined with the exclusive FiberShineTM formula to sculpt, curl and load every single lash

Have been using Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara (on and off) for more then a month now, and it's time to share how I feel about it ^_^

Bare lashes (curled with an eyelash curler) with just black eyeliner...

After 2 coats of Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara...

Side by side... without mascara and with 2 coats of mascara...

(I curled my lashes with eyelash curler after I applied 2 coats of mascara )

  •  This mascara spread out my lashes evenly and nicely
  •  lengthen my lashes really well!!!
  •  Does provide volume but not as thick as I like.. (me love super thick fake lashes effect!)
  •  Doesn't make my lashes look crumpy. (2 coats is more then enough for this mascara)
  •  Water resistant - but it does smudges abit (depend on the type of foundation I use)
    It doesn't smudge when I use powder foundation!
  •  The mascara doesn't feel too wet nor heavy on the lashes...
  •  The pigmentation of the mascara was not Black black type, more of a greyish black tint.
  •  I  like the big brush head!!!
I find that big brush application provide the best volume effect and it doesn't crump up the lashes as compare to comb type brush.

As for the tiny brush head tip.. it always gather too much mascara wax, so I normally wipe the tip of the brush head on the back of my hand.. and then pick up more(from the back of my hand) when I needed more. (No need to redip into the mascara tube)
I love everythings about this mascara except that it doesn't hold up curl really well... right after I applied the mascara, my lashes already look droopy - I need to wait till it dry and curl them again. After curling - the curl will stay for about afew hours before it feel droopy again.

I can't blame the mascara for that cos I have very stubborn asian lashes -  lashes are thick and very "STRAIGHT" (lolx) - if you have the same type of lashes.... you will understand that most mascaras can't hold up the curl, except those super lightweight waterproof mascaras.(Right??)

Oh ya, and not forgetting the "smudge" part... normally, I will coat another thin layer of waterproof mascara on top of it to prevent smudges. (Abit troublesome, but I really love the wide eyes effect of this mascara)

I heard the waterproof version of this mascara will be out soon.... really can't wait for it!!!!

Available at all Lancome Beauty counters
Price: SD$50

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