Tuesday, April 10, 2012

La Prairie Cellular Power Charge Night

[New launch]
In February 2012, La Prairie launched a new product "La Prairie Cellular Power Charge Night" to their premium skincares line.

Cellular power charge night is the bold new power player in the realm of anti-aging skin treatments. Thanks to a unique delivery system that creates stunning synergy between previously incompatible substances, La Prairie adds a never-before combination of Retinol and Oxygen to the unprecedented skin-renewal energy of Cellular Power Infusion.

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State-of-the-art dual-stream delivery ststem the catalyst
The unique delivery syste, of Cellular Power Charge Night is as groundbreaking as the treatment itself. As many age-inhibiting ingredients are too potent to be combined - traditionally Retinol cannot be mixed with oxygen - La Prairie developed a revolutionary dual-stream delivery system that permits the highest potency of each ingredient to be kept separate until the moment of application.
The sleek, silvery pump bottle holds two separate chambers: one containing smooth, white microencapsulated Retinol cream. The other, a silken blue oxygen power gel. With a gentle press of the pump, the two come together and magical things happen- at night, when your skin is the most receptive to rejuvenating treatments.

Gel like consistency - doesn't feel greasy nor too rich when spread it out on the back of my hand. It feel pretty moist and once it's  absorbed skin feel smooth and non sticky. (This was base on just swatching at the back of my hand - not too sure how this feel on the face)

Targeted Ingredients accelerate rejuvenation
The same scientifically calibrated blend of energizers, hydrators and conditioners that created the superlative age-defiant action of Cellular Power Infusion, works in tandem with Activated Retinol and Oxygen Accelerator Perfluorodecalin to achieve the outstanding restorative benefits of Cellular Power Charge Night.

Skin Renewal Peptides and Phyto Stem Cell Extract help maintain the natural epidermal stem cell function; Swiss Snow Algae increases the cells' longevity and counteracts UV stress and Tissue Guidance matrix promotes the renewal of skin tissue.

Nighttime power
Cellular Power Charge Night goes to work while the body is at rest and therefore the most susceptible to its magical powers.

To use, depress the pump dispenser, releasing separate streams of Retinol Cream and Power gel to the back or palm of your hand. Then gently blend the two with your fingertips and apply to face and neck. As Retinol's efficacy is best when applied directly to the skin, no other treatment product should precede application.

The Key ingredients... [Click to enlarge]

The concept of this product are retextures, recharges and revitalizes!

retinol refines the skin's surface to new smoothness

oxygen accelerator boosts the power of retinol for even better results

skin renewal peptide and cell energizers help rebuild skin tissue

The power of synergistic ingredients
  • Smoothness improves
  • wrinkles fade
  • enlarge pores diminish
  • age spots lighten
  • firmness returns

Price: SD$780 [40Ml/1.52Fl.oz]
Available end of Feb 2012 at La Prairie counters
Takashimaya Department Store lv 1

Tangs Orchard beauty hall

Robinsons @ The Centrepoint lv 1

Metro @ Paragon Lv 2

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I was provided with a sample to try it out(5ML)

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