Friday, March 16, 2012

The Face Shop Natural Sun Shaking AQ base sun milk SPF50+ PA+++ [Review]

Natural Sun Shaking AQ base sun milk - A liquid type sun block that will block UV rays, sweat, water resistant and at the same time act like a makeup base that will refines skin tones.

Suitable for all skin types

Ingredients list[Click to enlarge]
Contains Asai-Berry ingredients

The sun milk have a tint of beige tone.

  • The sun milk was quite watery(similar to all sun milk/sunscreen)
  •  Quite moisturizing
  •  Does feel abit greasy when first applied on the skin. (Not really oily... but does have that illusion-lolx)
  •  It does brighten up complexion, but at the same time does make skin look abit pale. Once the sun milk absorbed, it doesn't leave any white cast on the skin.
  •  The light milky beige shade doesn't provide any coverage. (Althought it doesn't provided any coverage, but the brightening effect does make skin look nice.
  •  Even out complexion
  •  It does look abit moist (one might say it look abit greasy on the skin)... Can just use a piece of tissue to dap off the excess serum and follow up with (primer/bbcream/foundation) As for me, I like the dewy/glow of the sun milk, so I skin this step.
  •  Won't change the formula of the bbcream/foundation.
  •  Doesn't have any residues
  •  Doesn't feel heavy nor thick on the skin (light weight sun milk)
  •  Didn't cause any skin irritation nor breaking out on me.
  •  Foundation goes on smoothly on the skin (does act like a moisturizing primer)
  •  My skin didn't feel tight nor dry after a few hours (normally waterproof sun milk(similar texture) always make skin feel dry and tight).

The sunblock power was quite decent.. I didn't have any sun burn nor skin inflammation. Didn't see any visible skin darkening and sun spots.

What I like most are the brightening and dewy finishing of this sun milk. And it does help to even out my too pinkish shade around my cheeks/nose.

I also like that I can apply afew layers(I don't trust SPF in foundation/bbcream/primer - cos the amount we apply doesn't even provide enough protection) and it won't feel thick nor stuffy on my skin.

(What else did I missed out?? Any questions can comment or email me ^_^)

Available at The face Shop outlets
Price: SD$28+ (Sorry I cannot remember the price)