Thursday, March 15, 2012

Biotherm SKIN.ERGETIC anti-fatigue serum (Review)

[This draft have been siting in my draft folder for like "FOREVER"..  I kept forgetting to edit in the "review" and hit publish! :p]

Biotherm Skin-Ergetic an anti-fatigue serum for tired skin. A serum containing powerful anti-oxidant ingredients like broccoli, soy protein, botanical cells(from apple) that will stimulates and boost cellular metabolism.

Basically it's an all-in-one serum that will fight all major skin problems.(More details here)

Here's the box(packaging)

The main and star ingredient is Brocili!

How to activate the power(lolx)

Ingredients list...

I noticed that it does contain some super tiny bit of mica and it's not too obvious
[Click the image to enlarge]

During the 2months plus (I finished the whole bottle in less then 3 months - using it twice aday.)
Note:: this is just a serum(a concentrate), to lock in all the goodness of this serum and preventing dehydration - remember to apply moisturizer.

  • Work quite well with my skincares products - I use it under my Vichy Normaderm day and night moisturizer.

  • Have a nice and soothing scent - sweet and citrus-y

  • The scent doesn't crash with my moisturizers

  • The serum feel quite moisturizing, lightweight and not oily

  •  absorped nicely into my skin with a velvety smooth finishing

  • It does upgrade my moisturizer into a deep hydrating moisturizer without the heaviness of a greasy cream moisturizer.

  •  after afew day of using, I noticed (yes with just afew days) that my skin look much "happy" not as tired.
  •  Skin feel smooth and supple

  •  Does reduce the pore size (abit only) Not too sure about fine lines though.

  •  doesn't cause any skin irritation nor breaking out
  • Skin does look fresh, radiance and healthy

  •  Does help in refinding skin texture
  • With smooth and nice skin - without any primer/base, foundation/bbcreams look nice and even.
I have no complain on this serum because I LOVE IT(Yes, really really really LOVE it! lolx)!!
Infact, I will re-purchase it until something much better come along :b
Hmm... do I miss out anything?? If you have any doubts or questions(comments below or email me).

Price: SD$99 (50ML)
Available at Biotherm counters
Check out Biotherm Singapore Page for more details.

Disclaimer: Product was provided for reviewing, I'm not affiliated with the company.

P/S: I say I love it not becos they provide me, I say cos I simply love Biotherm products (I'm a fan la! hahahaha - cos their Biopur SOS range heal my trouble skin.)