Friday, March 09, 2012

Belif is the "water" bomb for my sahara desert skin!

(Mini review)
Last Wednesday, I finally gave in and got myself some Belif products at the newly opened/launched store located at Wisma. I got 2 item, Belif The true cream - aqua bomb and Belif First aid Aqua rush mask.

The store layout and concept were pretty simple and neat... nothing fancy or girly. No pics la (lolx...) I'm not that daring to dig out my iphone to snap around the store!  -_-"

But I did found one from their Korean Website -

Belif First aid Aqua rush mask 
Price: SD$38 for 50ML

This is a wash off mask -
apply a thin layer on the whole face and let it sit for 10 to 15mins and rinse it off with warm water.

I tried this twice and it feel so nice and soothing -
it does have a bit of tingling feel on the skin between the skin on my upper lips and nose (this area are drier and very sensitive).

Just 10mins... my skin feel really soft and supple the flaky and rough texture on my cheek reduce a bit ... to maintain the moisturizing feel, I still need to seal it in with moisturizer.
After rinsing off the mask and pat dry my skin does feel a bit tight (after a few mins)

I agree that this is an SOS for dehyrated dry skin!

Ingredients list [Click on the image to enlarge]...

Belif The true cream - aqua bomb
Price: SD$54

Ingredients lists [click on the image to enlarge]...

They have 2 type of moisturizers (I tried both samples and I like it... and I was torn between both but .... I end up with Aqua bomb cos of the protective layer)

Aqua bomb >> 
Can feel instant hydrating, soothing and cooling sensation when applying the moisturizer.

Took awhile for the gel to absorb, but once absorb, skin feel supple, smooth and not oily norsticky. Does have a protective layer that wrap around the skin surface.
Keep skin moisturized for the whole night.
Moisturing Bomb >>
The sample packs (I have 3 of this sample packs) that I have last me about 7 days. It feel like a light cream moisturizer, does feel a bit oily, but once absorbed, skin feel smooth and soft (much softer as compare to aqua bomb)... keep skin moisturized the whole night.
But I do not feel anything when I wash my face the next day. (Maybe I didn't apply much?)
I like the soothing, cooling and protective layer of the Aqua bomb.
As for Moisturizing bomb, I love the intense moisturizing factor and how soft my skin feel.

I choose to get aqua bomb first, because I want the protective layer to wrap around my skin, cos I'm trying to heal my dry and painful flaky skin ASAP ...
So Aqua Bomb feel like the best option for my skin condition now...

Oh ya, both moisturizers and the aqua rush wash off mask have similar scent, not too strong or overpowering.. refreshing, very citrus-y and abit sweet! (I like the scent, so no complain)
They also gave me a sample kit
(consist of 5 samples targetting on your needs - I opt for dry skin)

Why belif....
I got some samples from them while walking along the road outside Takashimaya. At that time, my skin was so dry, tight and a bit painful... and I'm willing to try any moisturizing products.

The moisturizers that I have were not enough - I was rotating Murad(for dry skin) and ROC (for combination skin) products. Both were really hydrating on my "normal" skin condition, but this time both doesn't seem to work on my dehydrated skin  -_-"

I was suffering dehydration from sleeping in Air Con room lack of water in my system(???) and it got worse after I came back from KL, Malaysia.

When I first tried on the aqua bomb, my skin feel so soothing and moisturizing.... the moisturizer last all night!

When I touch my skin, it feel nice, not oily nor sticky, but when water touches my skin(when I wash my face la), I can feel a layer of slimy texture, kinda like a mask protecting my skin!

You know, when skin have wound (especially on dry and flaky skin)... applying moisturizer on broken skin will is pretty painful... the burning/ tingling sensation is a bit irritating! (the 刺刺 feeling is making feeling really sad lor). But I got no such feeling when I use either Aqua bomb or Moisturizing bomb! (amazing!!!! Cannot stop recommending this 2 products to friends!)

Well, that all ^_^

Edit: April 3rd 2012
I know this entry got some of you excited (received emails asking me about the products), and I'm glad that I'm able to do some "helps".

Especially Ming and Charlene (You all made me feel so happy ^_^)

P/S: I paid for these products with my own $$$$$