Friday, February 03, 2012

Skin79 Vital BB Cream with SPF 50+ PA+++ [Review]

Skin 79 latest addition -  Skin79 Vital BB Cream with SPF 50+ PA+++ (More details here)

Received Skin79 press kit in a CNY mood packaging!
(The orange bbcream = Mandarin Orange! lolx)

Inside were their latest addition Skin79 Vital BB Cream with SPF 50+ PA+++ and Skin79 Simple Touch Eyeliner. Not forgetting Skin79 angbao!

The bottle/packaging of the Vital Bbcream is the same as their VIP Hotpink and Gold BBcream (but the texture of the bbcream was totally, completely different!!!)



The bbcream feel quite normal as compare to those thicker(abit more coverage) bbcream .. but when I spread it on my face, the texture of the bbcream feel thick and creamy.

Spreading the bbcream on my face/skin...

[Top - taken without flash]
[Bottom - taken with flash]

The bbcream texture was pretty thick and it does look thick on my face(I only need half pump for my whole face).
Personally, I prefer light watery texture bbcream or liquid foundation that was more towards sheer to medium/dewy finishing. And this is pretty much high medium to full coverage, matte finishing.

[Top taken without flash - can see that my complexion is more even and matte on the right side]
[Bottom taken with flash] (Click to enlarge the pics to see the clearly)

Because of the thick texture/almost full coverage.. it does emphasize the dryness on my face.
For these couple of months, my skin are more towards dry combination then oily.. but my nose still feel abit oily on humid weather.

Well, normally my skin doesn't work quite well with "thick" texture foundation/bbcream.. it just make my skin look abit patchy (especially) on my cheeks. ((You know.. skin look and feel perfectly ok(hydrated), but when apply thick foundation... it's will look dry!))

That's the sad story of my combination "not oily, not dry, not normal" skin!
(On below pic) Look abit patchy right.. (by the way, the skin between my lips and nose are extremely dry... because, I caught a cold on CNY and have been squeezing nonstop for a week!)

If you do not have any problems with full coverage foundation, I bet this will work well on your skin too. This foundation target more for normal, combination to oily skin. (It will look abit dry or patchy on dry skin)

Sum up my thoughts on the Vital Bbcream
  • Thick texture but feel light weight on the skin
  • Doesn't cause any irritation nor break out during the past few weeks of using it.
  •  I love the finishing when I mix the bbcream with ZA skin brightener.
  • High medium to full coverage
  • Matte finishing
  • Even out complexion and minimize pores.
  • The bbcream might be too light for tan skin (around 3shades darker then me - I always used the lightest shade foundation - but some still feel abit too yellowish on me)
  • Even though the thick creamy texture does emphasize dry skin(on me for now).. but it feel quite moisturizing. 
  • Skin feel soft and supple - doesn't feel sticky
  • Oil control was pretty decent... doesnt greasy up easily!
  • Suitable for normal, combination to oily skin.

With simple eyemake up... using the Skin79 Simple Touch Eyeliner (I have a love hate feeling with this eyeliner... I need to try it afew more times before doing a review on it)

My brows have been getting thicker and thicker...

I applied highlight "almost" all over my face.... ahhahhaa... not really la!! Just set the bbcream with brightening(contain mica/shimmers) setting powder and ZA June Bride highlight powder on my upper cheek, nose bridge and forehead. (So that my face doesn't look too flat)