Friday, February 10, 2012

Sasatinnie 360 Electrifying Extreme Mascara

Latest creation from Sasatinnie - 360˚ Electrifying Extreme Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara.
"Gives you luscious looking eye-lashes in double quick time"!

Description of Sasatinnie 360 Electrifying Extreme Mascara
  • The all-new 360˚ double rotating brush head design, cleverly works on the lashes with the different rotating system. Whether working clockwise or anti-clockwise – it manages to coat every eye lashes to lengthen and volumize.
  • The single start/stop button makes it easy to use, plus the rotating brush head allows you to do away with manually curling the lashes, leaving naturally curled lashes.
  •   It's waterproof and smudge-proof formula allows lashes to stay on the whole day

The material of the mascara tube feel sturdy and sleek.
It's abit longer and (atiny bit) heavy as compare to normal mascaras tube.
(battery operated... but "normally" can last until the mascara finished/dries up)

The brush head is blendable, but not too soft that it will cause a mess while apply it on the lashes.

Below is a super short clip on how the mascara rotate (lolx at myself for filming it.. I hope this give you a clear image on how it rotate)

Ingredients list..[click the image to enlarge]

First up a set of bare "curled" lashes .. (I'm using Shu uemura eyelash curler - loving it!!!)

Below is 3 set of pics (Left = before)(Right = After 2 coats of mascara)


My thoughts on the mascara
I have been using this mascara for almost a month(rotating with my other mascaras)
  • It does lengthen and thicken my lashes (as you can see from the above pics)
  • Becos of the rotation brush head, it focus more on the root of the lashes when I apply the masara which HELP the mascara to stay curled up all day.
  • Doesn't make my lashes look crumpy.
    but it doesn't show too much different in length or volume when I applied the 3rd coat - which means 2 coats is enough to create a nice(not too crazy) thicken/lengthen lashes.
  • I'm loving the rotating brush head, cos it help to coat my lashes very well and it doesn't get too messy during application.
  • Quite waterproof.. cos I was caught in the rain afew times and I didn't have "black" tears running down my cheeks.

  • The mascara was abit wet(not too wet like majolica majorca) and the pigmentation of the mascara was not too intense black(maybe because, my own lashes was dark enough?)... it's almost the same shade as the root of my lashes.
  • I have mix thoughts on the smudge proof factor. (Waterproof doesn't means smudgeproof)
    Sometimes, it doesn't smudge...sometimes it does(just abit only). After I wipe it off, it doesn't smudge anymore. Anyway, it's still not a glam sight walking around having black smudges on the under eyes right?!?! Althought it wasn't too obvious... cos, nobody(my friends/family) notice it!!!! Smudges happened normally when I wore it out for more the 3hrs on humid weathers.

  • I do like the effect of my lashes when I'm using this mascara. Beside the smudging, I have no problems with it.... guess I will use this when I'm not running about under hot sun!

Sasatinnie 360° Electrifying Extreme Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara 
Price: SD$35.90

Available at SASA Singapore Outlets. 

Beside the mascara, SASA also sent me the NATIO bath set...
which make me check out NATIO at SASA.... resulting me in getting their eyecream ^_^

Natio Gift Set Price: SD$39.90.
Available at all SASA Sg Outlets

Disclaimer: Product was provided by the company for trying out. Review was base on my experiences.