Wednesday, February 08, 2012

ROC Hydra+ 24Hrs Hydrating cream


A Just- moisturized feeling that lasts 24 hours~

Last month received some nice products from ROC..
And in this entry, I'm going to talk about ROC Hydra+ 24hrs hydrating cream.

HYDRA+ uses 3 simple clinically proven steps to help skin achieve 24 hours of long lasting comfort.
-> Attracts and Locks in molecules of water to create a water reservoir for the skin.
-> Rebuilds reserves of nourishing actives to moisturize skin continuously.
-> Strengthens skin barrier to prevent water loss.

Sound really yummy for skin right?

The texture of the moisturizer cream...

Ingredients list...

I have been using the hydrating cream twice a day(day and night) for the pass 4 weeks and I simple like the texture of the cream on my skin.

My skin have been abit dehydrated lately and it got abit worse after I tried the Eucerin "again" (I have some tiny bumps/seeds on my cheek, so giving Eucerin another chance to see whether it helps.)

I guess, my skin is not consider "young" anymore and "young mature"(when we reach 25, the body starts making less liquid collagen and the production further decelerates as we get older.) skin are very easily dehydrated even for combination or oily skin!  I believe that Eucerin might work better for oily skin or teenager/young adult skin.

Anyway, ROC Hydra+ came at the right time!!
When I first applied the cream on my skin, my initial thought -> oohhh... so soothing and it's feel pretty moist!
This might sound abit crazy, but it's true(on my skin)...  after a couple of hours, my skin feel so soft and supple (might be my illusion, but I don't care!! I feel good, skin will feel good too! I guess...lolx)

After 4 weeks of using....
-> The cream was pretty light weight, it does feel abit oily but once it absorbed, skin feel velvety smooth.
-> Quite soothing
-> Skin feek soft and supple
-> Minimized large pores abit(Oh well, hydrating skin will "always" reduce the pore sizes)
-> Very moisturizing even thought this cream is meant for normal to combination skin.
-> Doesn't feel greasy or too heavy for day use or under makeup (foundation/bbcream)
-> Althought this contain parfum, does cause skin irritation on my semi sensitive skin.
-> Doesn't cause any break-out too
-> My skin look so much brighter now (it's been abit dull due to the dryness of my skin)
-> The scent was pretty mild - it's just reminds me of shampoo - a sweet soft floral lotion-y scent.

A tube of 40ml can last me about 2 months (the amount I use - shown on the above swatches)
Price: SD$42 or SD$45 (I can't remember will check and update soon)
Available at all ROC counters (Guardian and Watsons)

Beside the Hydra+ 24hr hydrating cream, I also received their popular Retin-ox Wrinkle Correxion - intensive anti-wrinkle serum, Perfecting toner and Enydrial Repairing Lip care (lipbalm review coming up next...)

Disclaimer: Products were provided by the company for trying it out. All reviews were base on my personal thoughts and experiences.